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5 tips to keeping your dog calm during fireworks

Updated on October 1, 2011

Man's best friend


Don’t make a fuss

Animals, especially dogs, are very receptive to the moods of their owners. So try to stay calm yourself. Do not allow yourself to get worked up over your dog being overly excitable or worried. If they get scared do not coddle them because all you are doing is showing them there is something to fear.

Have a safe place prepared

If you haven’t already make sure that your dog has a space of its own. This could be a bed, kennel or any fixed place it can go. This way if it gets scared the dog has somewhere that it will feel safe from the fireworks, remember they do not know what they are and probably will not remember them from the last time. So try to keep this den the same throughout the year so its fixed in their minds as a safe place.

Make sure he/she/they are ready

Make sure you feed you dog before the fireworks start, preferably a while before so that they get sleepy and hopefully settle down. You might also want to alter what youfeed your dog to increase the likelihood they will go to sleep, a stodgy high-carbohydrate meal should be good for this. Walk them well before as well to tire them and release energy. This is also a good time to ensure they go to the toilet as it is not advisable to take them out while fireworks are being set off.

Get them used to fireworks

It used to be that fireworks were only ever seen and/or heard a couple of times a year but they are becoming increasingly common on other dates which turns a bi-annual worry into a consideration several times a year, you can buy CD's with firework noises on them to get your dog used to the sound of fireworks. Start of by playing these very quietly (remember dogs have far better hearing than humans) for short periods during the day, then slowly increase the volume and duration of play until your dog is no longer bothered by the noises. It might be a good idea to spend this time playing with your dog or giving him treats to develop a association with fireworks a good things.

Do not leave them alone

This may seem to counter the advice to not coddle them, but anxious dogs should not be left on their own either its best to stay within the same room as them or a short distance away (within sight or 10 feet) if they come up to you do not push them away but try to ignore as much as possible, be passive.


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    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      Great suggestions, our pets should always know that they are safe. They look to their owners to feel calm and reassured. Thumbs up!