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55 Gallon Metal Stand: Prices, Reviews

Updated on March 13, 2011

55 Gallon Metal Aquarium Stand

Setting up an aquarium in your home. The easiest way to do it is to go as big as you can. Getting a 55 gallon aquarium is a great size because it's easier to take care of than smaller tanks but not so big it takes up an entire room. If you get a 55 gallon then you have a few options for stands, oak, maple, black or the 55 gallon metal stand.

Yes metal doesn't look the greatest but it works great for breeding programs in basements for an affordable means to set up a tank and stand. Also with the metal aquarium stands you can eventually build the wood around the metal frame. This allows you to do what ever you want with your aquarium stand.

You can also attach a cloth or drape on the front and sides and match the room that the aquarium is in and make it look good at the same time.

55 Gallon Metal Stand
55 Gallon Metal Stand

55 Gallon Wrought Iron Stand

The metal or iron stands for a 55 gallon will wobble a little when set up without a tank of water on it.  Their is no need to worry once you have the tank on the stand. Remember 55 gallon tanks can weigh close to 500 pounds when full.  That is a lot of weight to keep in mind when setting these up.  Make sure your floor can support that much weight.  If you question it make sure the beams of the house run under it to give it that added support.

Manhattan Metal Stand

Stand size: 13" Deep x 48" Wide x 29" High. This stand can also do what other stands can't do. It can hold 2 more tanks on the bottom which would be perfect for a sick tank, or a saltwater sump, or even a tank to house baby fish. The possibilities are endless to what you could do with this 55 gallon metal aquarium stand. It can also be painted to go custom with your room that it is in.

It comes in two different styles and each works great but the Manhattan looks a little bit more modern for some peoples tastes. Although the Manhattan can't hold two more tanks below it.


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