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6 Strangest Pet Animals One Can Own

Updated on August 29, 2012

I was recently reading a regional newspaper, when I came across a small article about some of the strangest pet animals in the world. This article is inspired by that article. I am sure that we have seen rats, guinea pigs, snakes and spiders as pets. But you may not have probably seen some of the animals I am going to mention as pets. So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading this article about some of the strangest pet animals you can own.

Strange animals you can own as pets

1) Pygmy Goats

There are certain cultures those rear goats for specific reasons such as food or milk. But it may not be common to rear pygmy goats. These cute little goats can be found in zoos and nowadays, in certain homes as pets. Though these sweet little animals are not difficult to care for, they need certain space. They need shelters of at least 8x10 ft and 4 ft high fencing. The diet for these goats includes typically leaves, grass and hay. If you have sufficient space and enough food sources for these guys, you can easily own a pygmy goat.

2) Capybara

Belonging to the guinea pig family, capybaras are the biggest rodents and they come from South America. They are semi-aquatic and weigh up to 100 pounds when fully grown. These animals cannot be domesticated completely as they need a huge area to roam and swimming area. They also need lots of attention. Typical food habits include eating grass. But you may want to prepare your own non-commercially available food if you want to ensure enough nutrient supply to these pets. You may want to do some prior research about raring capybaras as pets as there may not be vets available who have complete knowledge about these animals. It is also not recommended to have these animals as pets if you have children at home, as these animals may bite.

3) Sugar Glider

As strange as the name sounds, the stranger it is to rear these animals. These cute little animals belong to the possum family and hail from Australia. These animals have a membrane that stretches from their legs to their back legs, enabling them to glide from tree to tree. These animals are nocturnal and very social in nature. They must be kept in pairs. Food habits include cooked eggs and meat, nuts, fresh veggies, insects and leaves. These pets need a lot of care when they are young. Though they easily socialize with people, they are not recommended in families that have children, as these animals have sharp claws and teeth which may hurt a person who doesn’t know how to handle them.

4) Stick Insects

We may have watched people owning a stick insect as a pet only on TV. However, there are indeed people who own these insects as pets in reality. These insects grow up to 4 inches and can live for several years. They are also relatively easy to care for. Their habitat must be at least twice their length so these insects can hang. These insects can survive pretty much on food such as lettuce and ivy. Make sure that their habitat is kept at room temperature and cleaned at least once a week. Also, extreme care is needed in handling them as their limbs are extremely fragile.

5) Wallabies

Wallabies belong to the marsupial family and have very close resemblance to kangaroos. They can grow up to 41 inches long and weigh up to 53 pounds when they are fully grown. Though they may be small in size, they need a large roaming space. Similar to sugar gliders, these animals are social and need to be kept in pairs. They need a fence at least 5 ft tall with chains at the bottom to prevent these little buggers from escaping. They also need a large area to keep hopping. According to the Marsupial Society of Australia, it may not be a wise idea to own a wallaby as a pet due to various reasons. It is advised to do a proper research before owning one.

6) Skunk

Now, whoever thought a smelly skunk would be a perfect pet!! But, there are still people who like to own a skunk as pet. The reality about the “scent” is a however a bit different for pet skunks. While wild skunks are smelly, the scent glands are removed from a pet skunk when it is 4 weeks old. Skunks are known to be quite intelligent and inquisitive. They can live for more than 10 years. It is necessary to spend time bonding with these animals when they are young. Their diet involves food such as fresh veggies accompanying dry food. They also need annual vaccinations.

I am sure that there are a lot stranger animals one can own as pets. Do feel free to add an animal to this list of strangest pet animals.

Note: Different countries have different laws concerning owning a wild animal as a pet. Do make sure that you have made a proper research before you own anyone of these animals as pets.


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      6 years ago

      i nearly got a stick inseckt


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