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6 Tips You Can Use To Calm Your Dog From Fireworks Noises.

Updated on June 28, 2017

6 Tips To Calm Your Dog From Fireworks

If your dog is unable to relax from the loud noises of fireworks or firecrackers here are 6 tips you can use with your dog to keep him calm during the fireworks festivities show on the 4th of July.

1. If you are outside in the backyard with your dog and some of your neighbors are popping firecracker or lightening fireworks instead of taking him in the house you can keep him calm by pointing to the fireworks. By getting his attention while pointing to them he may feel more relaxed next time he sees one.

2. You can prepare him from those noisy fireworks by taking him for a walk or to the doggy park to get him into a relaxing mood before he gets home.

3. When he is in the house you can keep him calm from the loud noise of firecrackers by giving him a chewing toy, doggy bone to chew on this will keep him occupied from the noise.

4. Your can give your dog a good brushing down. This will relax him and he may even fall asleep afterwards. you finish. him from head to toe.

5. My husband who is also a musician calms our puppy down from the fireworks by playing music on his guitar and singing to him while he is sitting on the floor. This seems to relaxes and puts him to sleep.

6. Another tip to calm and get your dog to relax is to turn a radio on the some nice music. You can also turn the television on to doggy TV.

P.S. You can go to a pet store and purchase NaturVet - Quiet Moments Calming Aid or visit: This medication can help keep your pet stay calm and relax from loud noises of fireworks, thunderstorms, reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc.,etc.

6 Tips To Calm Your Dog Down From Noisy Fireworks



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