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Tips on Training a Dog

Updated on July 5, 2012

So Congratulations , you have either Bought a new Puppy or Planning to do so. Many people tend to search online for puppy training tips, and they come across many useful tips. So I have Compiled 7 Easy Training Tips.

Dog Training Tip #1

Healthy Attitude Towards the Pet.

Dogs are Very Sensitive Animals, and they quickly adapt to the social environment. So while Training a Dog , Trainer Must maintain a Cheerful and Healthy Attitude Towards the Pet.

Dog Training Tip #2

Early Training

Train your Dogs as early as possible, younger pups learn quickly and easily. Puppy Training is very effective and Cost-Saving.

Dog Training Tip #3

Common Commands

Interacting with the Dog is essential part of training, but it should be performed carefully. All members of Family should use same name to call the dog and Same Commands, Like if you call your pup as " Max " and your Husband calls it as " Buddy " or whatever . Then the pet might get confused by the mixed messages

Dog Training Tip #4

Avoid Punishing

Your Pet might do something wrong, but you should avoid punishing and scolding him , as this might effect your pet. Proper Nourishment is necessary for your pet. Learn what your Dogs prefer to eat , this could help in proper training.

Dog Training Tips #5

Challenge and Reward

Dogs love challenges, while training them you should make them feel competitive. Like Having a short run with them. And every time dog completes a Task , you should Reward him with a treat or just cuddle. It will create positive behavior towards challenges

You should try to establish a special relation ship with your dog. This will make both of you happy.

Hope you will Enjoy Training your Dog.

And If you have any Suggestions Regarding the Article, Do Comment below.


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