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7 Must-Know Horse Grooming Tips

Updated on October 30, 2014

First impression always lasts and I’m sure you would like your horse to make a great impression to anyone who sees it. The best way to achieve that is if your horse is properly groomed. And it takes more than just giving it a bath.

Here are some horse grooming tips you should know…

1. Invest in quality grooming kits.

You will need some horse grooming brushes, hoof picks, wash mitts, clippers, and more. However, make sure you are buying the best quality you can find so you can do a thorough cleaning and grooming job.

2. Bathe your horse.

A horse covered in mud is not a pretty thing to see. That is why you should bathe your horse at least once a week or whenever it gets too dirty. Always use a shampoo that’s specifically formulated for horses and try to choose a product made from mostly natural ingredients. Use a bucket a sponge for this purpose and for your safety, ensure that your horse is tied up to a post.

3. Take care of the hooves.

Use a hoof pick to clean between the hooves. I suggested you buy one that has a light so you can easily do the job even in dark conditions. It is also a good idea to apply some hoof oils or dressings to add some shine and to prepare your horse before a show.

4. Use a vacuum.

There are vacuums that are specially made for cleaning horses. This is very useful if you find your horse a bit dirty and you don’t have the time to give it a complete bath. Your horse might even love it as it gives a massaging effect. However, I suggest to introduce the vacuum very slowly because there are some horses who are afraid of it and they might confuse the long hose for a snake.

5. Comb the tail and mane.

Sometimes the hair can get tangled. The best tools for this is a comb or a brush. Choose a wide-toothed comb so it can easily glide through the hair. If you want it a bit shaggy, don’t comb it everyday.

6. Clip for good health.

Clipping your horse should be a regular thing as it helps in proper heat circulation. Clipping will let your horse dry faster especially after an exercise because the sweat will evaporate quicker. A properly clipped horse will also save you time for the next complete grooming. It will make the coat look healthier and livelier.

7. Apply quarter marks.

A quarter mark is a creative way to personalize your horse. It is a decorative marking applied on the hindquarter or hip and will showcase its excellent coat. The checkerboard is the one of the most popular patterns.

Groom on a regular basis.

As a horse owner it is your responsibility to keep your horse clean and looking great. Even if you’re not planning to present your horse on a show, it is always better to keep it regularly groomed.


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