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7 Reason Fox is Better Pet Than Dog

Updated on August 5, 2017

The Fox and Dog as pets

The Fox and Dog kept as pets
The Fox and Dog kept as pets | Source

The dogs and Foxes are the members of the canid family, but they are different species and have different ancestry, though their physical traits are very similar to the dogs, but their behavior is entirely different and while comparing them as a pet they both have their own pros and cons. These are the 10 reason, you may find foxes are better pets than dogs, also know the difference between wild, tame and domestic pet foxes.

The Fox as pet

Fox as Pet
Fox as Pet | Source

The foxes are an Exotic pet from Canid family that are intelligent, energetic, playful animals that make good pets. The tame Siberian pet fox (Russian domesticated red fox) are the first domesticated pet fox that were developed in Russia, from a breeding farm in Novosibirsk, Russia. The project to domesticate the fox was started in year 1959, by Prof. D. K. Belyaev, the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics of Animals, and the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Russia.

The dogs and foxes as pets
The dogs and foxes as pets | Source

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Wild and Tame Fox


The Russian tamed Foxes make a reliable pets but not easy to trail like dogs, also the color of the Domesticated Russian red foxes is changed and vary, nowadays they are available in multiple colors and can have flopped ears. But still they do not wag their tail and may sidestep making eye contact like dogs.

Tame and Domesticated Fox

The Russian Tame and Domesticated Fox
The Russian Tame and Domesticated Fox | Source

The term Tame and Domestic are little different, Domestication is a long process to develop a species as reliable pet. The years before all the domesticated pets were wild animals like dogs, cows, horses and many others. Nowadays these domesticated animals are dependent to humans for their survival that lives around human influence. The domesticated animals can be pet or free roaming animals like free roaming stray dogs, though they are not pets but they are domesticated animals.

And the term tame refer, the exotic pets that were wild and being groomed to be a reliable pet. Like the domesticated Russian red foxes are called Tamed foxes.

5 Reason why foxes are better pets than dogs?

The Russian Tamed foxes
The Russian Tamed foxes | Source

Do fox make a good pet?

“Do fox make a good pet” and answer is always – Yes and No.

Because foxes are non-domesticated wild animals which are yet not predictable. But Russian domesticated red fox is the tame Siberian fox that is developed by selective breeding are the reliable and adorable animals. Also after 6 of selective breeding, their physical traits and behavior is quite different from wild foxes. Their coat pattern, ears, and the tail is modified, they have floppy ears and upward tails and are available in unusual dark silver and white colors and they make good pets. But if you like to pet a wild fox that can be a gamble, they are not predictable and also difficult to train. But there are a couple of examples the wild fox kept as pets and making an excellent companion.

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1. Easy grooming


Foxes are naturally healthy, sturdy and self-managed animals that survives in wild. They are difficult to train but easy to groom. They need less med care and attention than domesticated dogs. Dogs can become anxious or unsettled easily when left at home alone, but foxes can be left alone for the limited time. Also, they are active and intelligent animals that have less house broken complaints than dogs. These qualities of Foxes, make them a most preferred choice for the people, who work all the day or have limited time. But foxes are the great escapist and diggers that must be taken care.

2. Good for seniors and single living women


Generally, seniors and single living women have a preference to have a pet that needs less time and average grooming. And they should not become anxious or unsettled when left at home. Foxes are small /small-to-medium sized pets that usually do not pull at the walk or getting aggressive to other pets and dogs. Foxes are not the pack animals and have less pack leader and dominance tendency. These qualities of foxes, make them a preferred pet choice for seniors and single living women.

3. Moderate Eaters

Fox Eating mice and Fruit
Fox Eating mice and Fruit | Source

Foxes are the canid family members from carnivores like the dog, wolf, jackal but they are the only canid that even eats fruits, berries, and grasses and raw meats of prey like small mammals, fish, rabbit, and birds. They are moderate eaters that eat less and have a robust digestive system. Feeding a pet foxes is much easier than any other canid, which rarely needs to visit the vet.

4. Survive Extreme Weather

The red fox
The red fox | Source

Foxes are the landrace that lives in diverse habitats including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts and they are capable to live in converse conditions and climate. The Arctic foxes are capable to survive -60 degree Celsius. And the foxes that are native from deserts like Arabian and Fennec foxes are comfortable to survive in tropical weather.

5. Good for apartment living


Some normal behavior of Foxes makes them a good pet for apartment living. They do not bark or make a noise like dogs and they are small animals that can live comfortably in an apartment. Also, they are not defensive or aggressive like dogs and do not make noise to strangers and other animals.

6. Descent and rare pets


Dogs are the most loyal and devoted companions from last 14,000 years and today more than 400 dog breeds are available. But if you like a rare and descent dog, then Orange dogs (Russian Domesticated foxes) are the best option. They project to develop the domesticated fox, was started in year 1959 in Russia. The tamed foxes are the rarest domesticated animals in the world that get attention from everyone.

7. The Most Fascinating Exotic Pet

Fennec Fox_  Most Fascinating Exotic Pet
Fennec Fox_ Most Fascinating Exotic Pet | Source

Fennec foxes are the most beautiful Exotic pets, which are smallest of all foxes but have the biggest ears, native to the Sahara Desert in. Africa. If you love an exotic pet which is easy to pet and allowed to keep in an apartment and in the house with other pets then fennec foxes can be the best option.

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