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7 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs are Great Pets for Kids

Updated on September 4, 2012

All children should have the benefit of owning a pet in their youth. But which pet do you pick? I'd recommend a guinea pig and for very valid reasons. Read on to see the advantages of owning a guinea pig.

1. Guinea Pigs Teach Independence

Guinea pigs are not like dogs that need constant attention, but they do require some responsibility, which is why they’re great for kids. They need to be fed daily and cleaned often. Once kids get into a habit of doing this, they will feel a sense of independence. Children can be the sole caretaker of a guinea pig if they are responsible enough.

2. Guinea Pigs Have Their Own Personality

Unlike some smaller pets like hamsters or rats, guinea pigs develop their own personalities. Some are shy, some are hyper, and some are lazy. If you have two guinea pigs, their personalities stand out even more. Children will bond with their guinea pig more if they notice that their guinea pig is unique.

3. No Smell!

As long as the cage is cleaned regularly, a guinea pig has no smell. Ferrets and rabbits have been known to stink up their cages fairly fast, but not a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are also significantly easier to bathe than ferrets or rabbits. There is no need to worry about placing the guinea pig cage in the family room or kitchen.

4. Guinea Pig Life Span

Guinea pigs live between 5-8 years. This is a perfect life span for children. They are not a long-term commitment like dogs that can live twice the amount of time. If a child wants a dog when they are in middle school, then who will take care of it when they leave for college? Guinea pigs also live longer than a hamster, which lives roughly 1-2 years. This ensures that the child will have enough time to build a healthy relationship with their pet.

5. Guinea Pigs Won't Get Lost

Guinea pigs are not easily lost in the house if they happen to be left unattended or escape from their cage. Ferrets and hamsters can squeeze into surprisingly small areas, while guinea pigs are just not flexible enough. Rabbits and chinchillas can jump onto things, which can add more places to check when searching for your lost pet. Guinea pigs generally are easy to find.

6. Guinea Pig Size

Guinea pigs are the perfect size for children. They are small enough to hold in your hands or lap. While they are cute and compact, they are also strong so small hands shouldn’t be afraid of hurting them, like they might a small hamster.

7. Guinea Pigs are Adorable!

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    • kemaier profile image

      kemaier 5 years ago from Michigan

      I had 2 guinea pigs as a kid and my brother had 2 rabbits and 2 chinchillas. Haha. Thanks for the read!

    • Vitallani profile image

      Bryony Harrison 5 years ago from UK

      I have owned rabbits and guinea pigs all my life. As a child, guinea pigs were the main pets I had, and they really were fantastic. I still have guineas now.