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7 Rules for Feeding a Diabetic Dog

Updated on July 27, 2011

Diabetic dogs do require a special type of diet for them to cope with their condition. Aside from medications and daily exercises to control their diabetes, diet will play an important role for the effective management of diabetes in dogs. Diabetic dog foods must become a normal part of your diabetic pet’s diet. Here are seven important rules to remember when it comes to feeding a diabetic dog:

1. Dogs with diabetes should be fed exactly the same diabetic dog food every day at the same time. If you have other healthy dogs it would be best to feed them all at the same scheduled feedings with your diabetic dog. This way your diabetic pet will not accidentally eat the normal dog’s food that might cause unwanted glucose spikes. Scheduled feedings are normally effective when the insulin levels are high or after insulin shot is administered. Most vets will advise pet owners to maintain a routine scheduled feeding to avoid sudden blood sugar elevations.

2. Diabetic dogs should be given plenty of water. One general symptom of diabetes in dogs is frequent urination. That’s why it is best to provide your pet plenty of water throughout the day to keep them hydrated.

3. Feed your diabetic pet dog foods that are high in fiber. Whether you choose commercial or homemade diabetic dog foods it is very important that your diabetic dog gets plenty of fiber in his diet. The high fiber content of their diet will help slow down digestion of foods and will promote a more stable glucose level. Some good examples of high fiber dog foods should include vegetables like carrots and whole grains like brown rice.

Diabetic Dog Foods

A few basic food rules for keeping your diabetic dog healthy.
A few basic food rules for keeping your diabetic dog healthy.

4. Aside from a high fiber diet, it is also best to feed your diabetic dog a high protein meal. Quality Proteins are rich in amino acids that are needed by diabetic dogs to help them cope with their condition. A high protein diabetic dog food is essential to absorb the nutrients needed by your dog’s body.

5. Daily exercises are important for managing your dog’s diabetes. Depending on your diabetic dog’s age, condition and physical wellness a healthy exercise regime should be followed to better manage diabetes in dogs. It is best to always consult your vet before making an exercise program for your diabetic dog. Your vet can actually check and determine how much daily exercise your diabetic pet needs.

6. The general rule for feeding a diabetic dog is to give them a well balanced diet rich in fiber and protein and low in sugar. Often times these type of diabetic dog food is hard to find and with the many dog food manufacturers claiming to be “high quality” diabetic dog foods. It is best to start making your very own homemade diabetic dog foods. This is one of the best ways to be sure that your pet is eating the right balance of nutrients and the right quality of dog food. There are now a lot of online sites that offer free homemade diabetic dog food recipes that are both healthy for your diabetic dog and cheaper than most commercial diabetic dog foods.

7. Before trying out any of this simple rules to feeding a diabetic dog it is always a good practice to consult with your vet first. Remember that not all diabetic dogs have the same condition. Only your vet can determine what is best for your diabetic dog. By following these simple rules you can easily help your beloved pet cope with their condition.

Feeding a diabetic dog can be tricky, but with practice and a good routine, you can keep his or her blood sugar in check!


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    • FitnessDog profile image

      FitnessDog 6 years ago

      Sure Maria Cecilia, If you would like more information on diabetic dogs please visit

      Thanks for sharing your comments!

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      nice one? would you add the basic symptoms of a diabetic dog? well that is before bringing him to vet. clinic? voted up for being so informative and helpful