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7 Tips for Feeding and Housing your Fighting Fish

Updated on December 4, 2011

7 Tips for Feeding and Housing your Fighting Fish

If you've taken into consideration keeping Fighting Fish but have already been put of by directions for their care that some pet store owners and breeders will give you, then you should think again. Once you have their tank set up keeping Fighting Fish is a breeze, and needs only a very little timeeveryday, and a general clean once a week. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

1. Get a decent sized tank that will easily house a minimum of two fish: The reason for this is that the Fighting Fish will probably be happier in a larger space and you can also consider breeding Fighting Fish pairs if you're used to cleaning and maintaininga decent sized tank.
2. In case you have two male Fighting Fish, and just the one tank, use a plastic divider with small holes in to split the larger tank into two halves. You could use living plants, or decorationsto halt the fish looking atone anotherand they'll both be very happyin their own little place
3. Put fresh water snails in the tank: Fresh water snails are fantasticbecause the Fighting Fish do not mind them sharing their tank space and snails survivea lot of the algae and waste elements Fighting Fish leave behind. However examine the tank thoroughlyif you thinkyou've got a sudden influx of snails within your tank - they are asexual so do not need a partner to mate, when their feeding conditions are perfect for them the can reproduce - meaning you now have a dirty tank.
4. Don't put your Fighting Fish tank near a stereo, or television, specifically if you like the volume turned up loud - Fighting Fish are susceptible to stress from the vibrations sound causes within the water.
5. Don't put your Fighting Fish tank under any direct sunlight. Sunlight promotes the growth of algae in the waterthat may bebad for the Fighting Fish if not cleaned out. Try to set your tank in a neutral area which is neither too sunny nor too dark and preferably an areawhich has a natural light cycle.
6. Don't overfeed your Fighting Fish. You may use freeze dried foods in case you prefer (instead of live food) but only put enough on the surface of the tank so that your fish can feed for as much as 2 minutes or so. Fish need not eat much at all, so once they have stopped feeding, clean the debris out of the tank immediately.
7. Don't use food blocks to give your fish should you beaway from homefor several days. Fighting Fish can go up to ten days without food, so if you are only going away for a few days then they will be fine without having any additional food whatsoever. If you are heading away for any longer period of timethen you willneed to getsomeone to come in a minimum of every second day to check the chemical levels within the tank water and to feed the Fighting Fish.

These 7 tips on how to feed and house your Fighting Fish you will save time in regularly cleaning a dirty tank, and money which you might spend overfeeding your fish. Remember they do make marvelous pets but knowing a number of little tips on how to keep their tank clean and healthy for your Fighting Fish will go a long way towards your success with them.

And finally, if you would like to learn more about this little fish, even fighting fish breeding, then please feel free to visit us at


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