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7 Ways to Show How Much You Love Your Horse

Updated on January 27, 2016

Horses are one of the most lovable creatures on earth but there's clearly more to them than the obvious. For one, they're very functional—thanks to the many different roles they can take on: they're a means of transport to police officers, helpers in the field to farmers, and reliable assistants to therapists who work within the mental health field. They're quite intelligent, too, as they have good spatial discrimination abilities, problem solving capabilities, and an excellent memory that allows them to remember people, places, and everything in between.

Knowing that these gentle giants love and trust us is awe-inspiring. So to give back, I thought I'd share with you 7 ways to show your horse how much you appreciate him/her.

1. Give your horse only good food.

It doesn’t have to be a really expensive and specially formulated feed. Often a quality bale of hay is more than enough for him. If you think hay is not enough, you can always add grains to his diet or let him graze in a pasture. You should also measure and schedule his feeding as overeating can be a problem as well for them. And don’t forget to always provide clean water.

2. Give him plenty of space to graze or run around.

A horse shouldn’t always be kept tied up or inside a shelter. He should be allowed to roam freely (within a safe area like a fenced field) and to run when he feels like it.

3. Take him out for a ride as often as possible.

Horses love the outdoors and they also need enough exercise to keep them healthy. You probably do, too so it’s a good idea to take your horse out for a ride whenever you have the time. Just running or walking around a fenced area is usually enough but if you have the place to let him run, then that would be even better. Regular runs will keep his muscles strong and make him faster.

4. Give your horse a unique sounding name.

It’s probably one of the greatest ways that you can show your love and affection to your horse. A name speaks a lot about the horse and you as well as his owner. Some horse owners even give funny ones. Here are a few examples:

5. Buy him high quality gear and equipment.

You have a very special horse and you’d want only the best for him. Get him the best quality gear and equipment that you can find to keep him comfortable and secure. Buy your horse headcollars and leads, rugs to keep him warm, some training equipment, and grooming supplies. Sometimes a well-equipped horse is a sign of a much-loved horse.

6. Schedule him for regular veterinary visits.

Even if he looks and feel healthy, you should regularly have him checked by an equine veterinarian just to keep sure he stays in great form. Ask the vet if your horse needs any vaccinations or deworming. The doctor may also recommend any supplements or change in the diet should he think it would improve the health of your horse.

7. Groom your horse the right way.

Keeping your horse clean should be one of your priorities. You will need more than a pail of water to do it. You will need a dandy brush to remove any debris or dirt off his coat. To smooth his hair, you’ll need a good body brush. It will keep his coat clean and shiny. You should also clean the hooves by using a hoof pick to remove any small rocks or grass that could have gotten stuck there. Do all of these as often as possible.

Keep the love alive!

Nothing makes a horse (or any other animal, really) feel more loved than knowing they have a responsible owner. Your horse depends on your commitment and constant care, so devote your time and make effort to provide him those in variety of ways. It's not easy—love isn't always is, right?—but these gentle giants sure are always worth it.


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