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7 Proven Reasons Why Lions Are Better Than Dogs

Updated on March 22, 2017

Why Be You When You Can Be New

You can point out numerous deduction why dogs are better than cats, than your girlfriend or even yourself (drama queen :P ), but one type of "cat" is everything that a canine is and more!

These often times fierce pact animals, may and have been trained by professionals and amateurs alike. Pick yours today!

1 All Your Furry Needs In One Place

Seriously, Buy A Comb

You can hand - pick from hundreds of breeds to find the one you like to "touch" the most. Different reasons can be provided, like softness, length or even colour. Well how about all in one? To pet the long lion's mane is like to run your fingers through the hairs of your ideal for a human being - soft, warm and never ending. If you're in for the low grass, the animal has this spot all over his body covered with short finger pillows. To scratch the king of the jungle is the one superior sensation to petting a blue-ribbon dog. I have personally heard a couple stories from Fantastic Pet Care specialists in London, who have actually groomed one!

This one is way too old
This one is way too old

2 Twice The Size, Twice The Time For Joy

The Bigger, The Better

To take perfect care for a dog means that you will watch it grow old and die in about 14 years, as its expected lifespan that short. Whilst that same number is the lions time on Earth in the wild, with all the dangers and diseases it faces. Taken care and protected by a human, Simba can be around you for good 20 to 22 years. The record for the oldest one is 29 years. That's more than two dogs and close to tree humans. How is that for a King?

Always Carry Snacks
Always Carry Snacks

3 Enough Attention Wh@ring !

The King Doesn't Need You To Entertain Him

A dog is often overexcited. It demands not only love but also all the attention it can get. A walk or two is great and all, but will you have enough time on your hands to satisfy its every need? Constantly cleaning after the pup, protecting your grandma's crystal sets? Problem Solved – the King sleeps mainly during the day, and just chilling during the night. Even though its not technically a cat, its time management resembles that of its cousins. On the other hand, it will never say no to a casual walk due to the love it carries for grooming and socializing.

4 No Child Will Be Sad With Six Mothers And A Loving Father - Stay Together Team

Pups are often taken care by their mothers. Male dogs often "hit and run", leaving mongrels behind. Family affairs in the savannah are different. The male lion is usually the one to sit through the hunt and educate the cubs. To teach “wild” is a difficult task, performed only by the fittest. After all Leo usually has six wives bringing food, why not spend some quality time with juniors.

5 All You Can Eat For 10$

Research All The Possibilities

The biggest dogs should be fed twice, consuming up to one kilogram of food. This ranges from meat to dry food, but the amount generally stays the same. This differentiates from the huge kitty by roughly six to seven kilos. A gore-maid will digest upwards of 30 kilograms of red meat per day even though seven is more than enough. The all-you-can-eat promotions will become your favourite after a week or two.

6 On Stage "Annie Get Your Gun" - Starring Friendly Wolf and Enormous Cat

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

The only thing both of them have in common is the love. As much as a pooch can provide, may be gained from a well taken care for savannah lord. -Yes, he "might" have the inherent idea to bite the hand that feeds him, but there are always exceptions to the rule. As the "other big orange cat(Garfield) likes to say - love me, feed me, never leave me!

7 Anybody can get past a dog. But NOBODY f@cks with a lion. - Remember This When You Go To The Zoo

The king is crowned for a reason. He will never let anyone harm you. Due to his 20 hour per nap, a burglar in the night must think twice before breaking in.

That's all about lions. If you're interested in reading more about the closes other thing to a lion - the spades player, you can read a piece on the 7 reasons why playing Spades online is better!

Disclaimer: Don't run to the nearest black market to get your lion fix! Leave the wildcats to the Wild, or the professional zoo-keepers. I would have personally raised one myself, but doing so in a flat, barely providing home for two people, would be a torture.

Have You Ever Seen A Lion? - Did You Touch It?

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    • RoadMonkey profile image

      RoadMonkey 3 years ago

      Yes. No!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 3 years ago

      Of course I have seen a lion before! Well, though I like dog better than lion.

    • Ethan Cresdee profile image

      Ethan 3 years ago from London

      @WriterJanis2: Lovely :) Did it try to bite :P

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 3 years ago

      I've held a baby lion before.

    • Ethan Cresdee profile image

      Ethan 4 years ago from London

      @TimmyGriffin: :D Don't get caught

    • profile image

      TimmyGriffin 4 years ago

      I'm convinced. Off to the nearest Zoo.