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8 Tips On How To Train Your Dog

Updated on August 28, 2014

In order to achieve more when training your dog you should start early while the dog is still young. But in case you bought it when it is already mature, you will also have to train it so that it will suit your specific lifestyle.

Remember you will enjoy staying with a dog that is able to obey your command. There are different trainings that you can offer your dog but most of them will depend on various factors for you to achieve.

The following are tips on how to train your dog:

1.Try to understand your dog first before you start training it

First, for you to be able to train your dog effectively you need to try and understand different behaviors of your dog first before you start training it.

For example, you may be with your dog but it appears to be uncomfortable when meeting with other dogs. In such a case you need to learn the behavior of the dog and respect it.

If possible you should try and avoid incidences where the dog will meet with too many dogs, in case it is a must for the dog to meet other dogs you need to avoid forcing the dog to interact with the other dogs.

2. Pay close attention to the behavior of your dog

For your struggle on how to train your dog to be very effective you need to try and pay attention to any behavior of the dog.

For instance, in case your dog makes a mistake you need to behave in such a way that the dog will know you have been offended.

In case the dog behaves well or it understands a given command within the shortest time possible and you are pleased, then you need to praise the dog and offer it a tip if necessary. The tip should be something that your dog loves the most.


3. Learn about what your dog loves most

Different dogs will have different preferences when it comes to different treats. For you to be able to train your dog effectively you need to take your time and learn about the best treats that your dog likes.

In case it is a certain type of food that you discover your dog likes a lot then you need to offer the dog such food whenever you feel like the dog has really behaved well where it needs a treat. In most cases dogs will love treats that are soft and chewy.

4. Offer your dog exact commands for you to avoid confusions

There are cases where your dog may be excited. For you to avoid cases where the dog will be confused when you are commanding it to stop jumping due to excitation, instead of offering the dog commands such as “no” which the dog can confuse with other directions you need to be specific and tell the dog that you will like the dog to sit down. Be specific and order it ``sit’’, this command it will be able to understand well.


5. Be Consistent when training the dog

For you to achieve the best when training your dog you should be consistent on the commands that you give. After you have been consistent the dog will familiarize with the commands that you are giving it even if they are very hard.

In case all of you in a family are involved in training the dog you should use the same command when referring to certain actions so that the dog will avoid confusions and learn easily.

Even if you offer your dog certain commands but the dog takes a lot of time to understand you should avoid being bored but continue being consistent because it is the key to your success in achieving more on your struggle on how to train your dog.

6. Be Realistic on your dog training expectations

It will always take time for the dog to change behaviors that it has developed over a long period of time. In case you are trying to train a dog it will be a different case from the case where you will be training a puppy.

When training your puppy you will be expected to take less time for the puppy to learn your specific instructions rather than a case where you will be trying to change the behaviors that your dog has already developed.

For you to be able to train the dog well you need to set specific goals that will enable you stay motivated when teaching the dog different commands.

For instance, the dog may be used to digging the floor which makes you very uncomfortable. In case the dog had taken a lot of time practicing the behavior, then you will need more time for the dog to adapt.


7. Ensure your dog is well fed before going out for training

Some training requires the dog to have a lot of energy. Some of the exercises include training the dog on how to herd sheep or going out for hunting.

Because the exercises will require the dog to use a lot of energy you need to try and feed the dog with the right type of foods which will enable the dog develop necessary energy which will enable it to catch up with the training.

This is necessary to avoid cases where your dog will feel like it is being punished with the training that you are offering it.

8. Respond to your dog’s requests accordingly

Different dogs will try to communicate with you in several ways. For instance, your dog may start barking when it needs food or when it smells food.

In case you will like the dog to use barks as a way of communicating with you when it needs food, then you need to offer it the food each time it will bark in response to food.

In case you will like the dog to use other commands such as going to its crate, then you need to command it to enter the crate before you offer it the food.

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    • Arias100 profile image

      Bogdan 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Nice to hear that you found it interesting dejvimanushi. By the way, I love dogs too...obviously:)

    • dejvimanushi profile image

      Dejvi Manushi 3 years ago from Albania

      Very interesting article Arias100. I love dogs a lot, and working with them sometimes is very hard..