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9 Reasons to Make a Cat Part of the Family

Updated on March 28, 2016
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Renée Fabian is a Los-Angeles based writer and editor with work published at The Culture Trip, Miss Millennia and GLAAD, among others.

Cats are plenty of fun.
Cats are plenty of fun. | Source

Hours of endless entertainment

Whether they’re chasing a string, pouncing on invisible prey or knocking everything off your counter, cats provide hours of entertainment.

Low maintenance

Cats, unlike dogs, will live contently in your house with basic care, such as regular food, water, play and litter box cleaning. In addition, they are easy to house train and are fairly independent.

Teaching children

For children, pets are a great way to teach responsibility. The benefit of cats are the low maintenance factor, and cats love to play just like dogs. In addition, it’s important to instill respect for animals. The best way for a child to learn is with first-hand experience.

Great reading companions

Once they settle in your lap instead of on your book, cats are content to curl up for hours at a time, keeping you company while reading, working on the computer or other quiet activities.

Cats are always up for a good read.
Cats are always up for a good read. | Source

Help with procrastination

Cats love the warmth of a good laptop or generally want to be involved with pens, pencils and paper. So, they’ll make sure you’re distracted from accomplishing any work by constantly inserting themselves into your business.

Rodent control

Since cats love to hunt, consider your house rodent-free when the cat is on patrol. As an added bonus, many cats will also go after (and eat) bugs too.

Cuteness factor

With a cat in the house, all those viral cat videos will finally make sense as your cute critter gets into all kinds of shenanigans that are simultaneously cute and hilarious.

Can't deny the cuteness factor.
Can't deny the cuteness factor. | Source

Never an empty house

After a long day, there’s nothing worse than an empty house. When a cat is part of your family, you’ll never have to worry about being alone, yet a cat is independent enough to provide company and space.

Unconditional love

Animals will love their owners unconditionally, no matter what. Though sometimes cats get a bad rap, they are affectionate creatures who will show you their unconditional love in their own way.

© 2016 Renee Fabian


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