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A Cat's Weight Can Save Her Life

Updated on July 31, 2014

Fat Cats

Cats, like many other animals, can develop problems over time if they become overweight. Cats are known for their lean and agile bodies, but they are also known for lapping up milk and becoming fat house cats. It is up to the owner to only supply food to their cat so often in a day, but some cats just gain a little fluff regardless of how much they eat or how active they are.

This is Jade

Jade is, indeed, a fat cat. However, she is not the stereotypical house cat. She enjoys equal amounts of time indoors and outdoors. She enjoys a fair amount of food because she shares with a few others, but she is as active as any normal energetic feline. She also keeps her fur in pristine condition at all times.

She is a special cat. Found under a friend's car at about six weeks of age, covered in fleas and mud and too tiny to be taken to an animal shelter, she was taken into our family to care for her until further action was taken about a permanent home for her. That further action involved her quickly being accepted into our family for her calm and innocent nature. As she got older, she got rounder, and fluffier, until she became the fattest cat we owned.

But Let's Get to the Point

A year ago, Jade was attacked by two dogs. One grabbed her from her front, and the other grabbed her around her legs. She was lucky for us to scare away the dogs and find her before she could run away. However, she was most likely not able to run. To our horror, her skin was torn to the muscle on her chest, and there was a hole ripped into the inside of her leg. We rushed to the animal emergency hospital to get her stabilized until we could visit our veterinarian. Until then, I just sat in our car and held my cat in a towel, hoping she would be okay.

The Effects

We learned from the veterinarian that dog bites are very infectious and kill the blood vessels in tissue. It is not wise to stitch a dog wound before all the blood vessels die in the affected area or else infection can occur and the wound will become worse instead of healing. With this information, the veterinarian kept Jade at the hospital for six days. When we returned to retrieve my cat, her wounds were still open, and she smelled as if she had died. Her skin continued to fall away around the wounds, but she was expected to have a full recovery without problems.

What surprised us was learning Jade's overweight problem actually saved her. If she had been smaller, the dog bites could have easily pierced something more important in her body rather than fat around her legs. One of her organs could have been affected. We had other cats that were not as heavy as Jade, and if it had been them, they most likely would have died. With this information, we thanked the vet and took her home where she began her recovery.

Recovery Process

  • Give her vitamins and calorie paste to substitute eating until she developed an appetite.
  • Spray her wounds with an anti-bacterial sterilized solution.
  • Give her an antibiotic.


Jade lost most of her weight. More skin tissue died around her wounds, and her fur fell out from the trauma she experienced. We slowly watched her skin turn from a sick yellow color to a bright pink color, and then to red as it healed. She went from being kept in the bathroom to wandering around the house. She began to jump onto furniture. It took almost a full year for her wounds to finally close. There was no need for stitches.

Jade regained her appetite and gained back a significant amount of weight. Although an overweight cat may not be healthy, she is happy and still active.

After the Recovery

Violent Dogs

Our veterinarian warned us that if a dog is violent to other animals, it is most likely violent to humans. Jade learned of their violence first-hand, but if anyone has a story about a similar incident, feel free to share below.


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      I loved your story