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A Dog Brush Or Comb Keeps Your Pet Looking & Feeling Great!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Long Or Short Coat, Your Pet Needs A Dog Brush

 Unless you have a smooth coated dog like a Chihuahua or Jack Russell Terrier, your pet will need regular grooming with a dog brush for a smooth and healthy coat. Although many people take their pets to professionals for grooming, they will still need routine brushing weekly or even daily, to keep their hair free of mats and debris. To get the job done right, you will need a quality dog brush or two and not just any dog brush will do. There are specific kinds of brushes for each type of coat.

For short-coat dogs, a soft bristled brush works best. The soft bristles will not hurt or damage the skin while brushing and are great for removing all the dead hair. This type of brush will also help spread the natural oils from the skin that make a coat shiny and healthy.

Some dog brushes have snap-off plates for easy hair removal.
Some dog brushes have snap-off plates for easy hair removal.

There Are Many Varieties Of Dog Brush

 The most common type of brush available is the slicker brush. This type works well on almost all coats, but especially fur that tends to tangle more often. A slicker brush can be used to remove dead hair and tangles and will keep the coat silky and soft. A typical slicker brush has a plastic or wooden handle with a rectangular head and rows of metal bristles that are slightly turned at the end. The metal bristles are very fine and can easily cause harm if too much pressure is applied.  Always use this brush gently so as not to hurt your dog.

Pin brushes consist of thick wire bristles that resemble straight pins. These are great for getting deep into thick or long fur to remove the under-coat and dead hair, both of which are the prime reason a dog gets mats. Again, the metal bristles can be painful, so use with utmost care.

In addition to dog brushes there are many types of combs that can be used for removing dead hair, tangles and mats. A shedding comb is designed with alternating long and short teeth and a sturdy wooden handle for gripping to work through thick coats. A German mat comb usually consists of stainless steel blades that are serrated to work through tough mats.

Another type of stripping comb is the undercoat rake. Metal teeth that resemble a garden rake can grab a larger area of loose fur to remove it. This is especially useful for dogs with thick coats that shed a lot.

Standard brushes have plastic or metal bristles.
Standard brushes have plastic or metal bristles.

All The Way From A Simple Dog Brush To A Shedding Blade

 To minimize shedding you can try using a shedding blade. This tool is made of a strip of metal with small teeth on each side and is formed into an oval shape and attached to wooden handles. The size of the teeth can be large on one side and fine on the other and the handles can be separated to sweep through a large area of fur. A shedding blade is very effective for removing dead hair but may not work as well on long-haired dogs.

Often used by groomers, a steel comb is made of high quality steel that is rust resistant and very easy to sterilize. The rounded teeth featured on this comb are great for removing tangles and is frequently used for last minute touch-ups before a dog show.

Slicker brushes with steel or rubber pins will penetrate a thick coat.
Slicker brushes with steel or rubber pins will penetrate a thick coat.

A Dog Brush Can Remove Nasty Fleas

 One of the last things a pet owner wants to have to buy is a flea comb! Unfortunately, fleas do happen from time to time, especially if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Many people prefer to avoid using harsh chemicals on their pets, so a flea comb is probably the next best thing. Featuring close-knit rows of metal teeth and a wooden handle, this comb forces the little critters up from the fur where you will need to quickly grab them. Keep a bowl of soapy water or alcohol next to your for drowning them in. The last thing you want is for them to hop back onto your dog!

Sadly, some people view brushing a dog as a chore. Dogs love getting attention and grooming is just one way that we can show them we care. Your dog will be healthier and happier for it!

Tips for Grooming a Dog With a Long Coat

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