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A Dog Christmas Collar

Updated on November 10, 2013
Someone?  Anyone?  Please save me!
Someone? Anyone? Please save me! | Source

Dog Christmas Collars

If your dog doesn't get into wearing shirts, sweaters or other assorted costumes, then a decorative collar is a simple solution. We certainly don't want people to think that your dog is a scrooge, so by all means, grab the most festive collar you can find!

The benefit of your dog sporting a lovely Christmas collar is that it doesn't matter if it's for a girl or boy, big or little, every dog can pull off the simple and understated look of a Christmas collar.

Some dogs just aren't into the flash and flair of more elaborate get-ups, so the Christmas collar can get him in the spirit easily!

Not only are there many, many designs and colors to choose from, but these collars are practical, too. It's not like an outfit or shirt that can only be worn for a day or two, some of these collars can be used everyday for as long as you want to keep that holiday spirit going!

When you take your dog for a walk, people will notice the holiday cheer being worn right around his neck! It is sure to bring smiles from anyone who sees your merry pooch.

Let your dog greet guests while adorned with a Christmas collar, and he's sure to be a hit! After all, your dog is part of the family and he should be included in all the celebrating and cheer the holiday season brings.

Affordable and easy, let your dog slide on a Christmas collar and welcome the holidays in classic style!


Nobody barks Christmas Carols like a dog!

Barking Dogs Jingle Bells


Pet Safety - Christmas

When things are crazy and hectic as they are during the holidays, remember to keep your pets safe.

With people coming and going, it might be pretty easy for your dog to slip out the door unnoticed. The last thing you want to happen during this time is for something to happen to your beloved dog.

While the Christmas collars are really cool and cute, be sure you fit them properly so the dog can't slip out of the collar and run. Also, make sure the collar isn't too tight to cause choking or skin irritations.

Other great tips to remember to keep your pet happy, safe and healthy this holiday season -

  • Keep food and goodies out of his reach
  • Watch the dog around the tree so he isn't tempted to eat the ornaments or tinsel
  • Let your pooch outside frequently; but for short periods of time due to cold temperatures
  • Use a "pet friendly" salt for melting ice on sidewalks and steps
  • Keep bows, ribbon and other things out of the dog's reach so he isn't tempted to swallow
  • Keep plants and flowers off the floor if the dog keeps trying to eat the leaves or dirt

Here's another tip from personal experience. I'm always cold so I slip some "hand warmers" into my shoes to warm up. One day, my naughty beagle, Jake, found the used hand warmers in the shoes I slid off for a couple of minutes. So, that's right, he ATE THE HAND WARMERS! He become horribly sick and was throwing up all over the house. Throwing up a black, tar-like substance to be exact. So after being very afraid that he ate something that might really hurt him, the vet indicated that hand/foot warmers are only harmful to dogs BEFORE you shake them up and activate them. Once they're used, and if your naughty {insert dog breed here} eats them, he'll be sick for a couple of days, but will ultimately be OK.

Lesson: Don't leave hand/foot warmers lying around where your dog can get at them. Especially the unopened or activated kind. It's not a pretty scene, let me tell ya!

Therefore, by keeping an extra careful eye on your dog during the holiday season, and making sure tinsel, candy and even hand warmers are out of the way - everyone can enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Dog Collar Sizes

Christmas Dog Collars

From candy canes to jingle bells and every Christmas theme in between, find the perfect holiday collar for your best friend this year!


Dog Christmas Bandanas

Some owners and dogs prefer the look and feel of a stylish bandana!

Most bandanas are reversible, so you can alternate between holiday themes, switching over to keep the look fresh.

Be sure to order the right size bandana for your small, medium or large Christmas dog!

Holiday Dog Collar

If a more formal look is what you're after, then the doggie bow tie will fit the bill perfectly.

The look is complete by securing with a velcro closure, so this is one of those more decorative, fun only collars!

If your dog is OK with it (my Jake would not be) - then by all means, let him turn it up a notch and pull off a very sophisticated, classy look!

This is a machine washable, classic plaid design bow tie that will instantly turn any hound into a pedigree!

What a Ham!

How does your dog celebrate Christmas?

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