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A Dog Collar Is A Canine Necessity

Updated on August 28, 2009

Dog Collar To Identify & Control Your Pet

 A dog collar is used for identification and control and is one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your pet. A dog collar is one of the best ways to attach ID tags to your pet to ensure they are returned home if they get lost. Collars come in many different materials and styles that can be fashionable and functional and are typically used with a leash. Dog collar closures include quick-release clasps and metal buckles similar to that on a belt. 

A proper fitting dog collar should be comfortable and have enough room between the collar and the animal's body to fit two fingers. If a collar is too loose, the animal can easily slip out of it and take off.

Designer dog collars are all the rage!
Designer dog collars are all the rage!

Each Dog Collar Has A Specific Purpose

 There are many types of dog collars, each with its own purpose. A harness is an often used as an alternative for a dog collar. Some dog breeds, like Chihuahuas, are susceptible to breathing problems and should not have the pressure of a collar placed on their windpipes. A harness is recommended as it restrains them from below the neck, wrapping instead around the chest and shoulders.

A flea collar is usually a plastic collar that has been treated with chemicals designed to repel fleas. Generally, they are white in color and are meant to be worn with a regular collar.

A break-away collar is similar to a regular buckle collar but it features a safety mechanism that opens under excessive force. This is meant to free a dog should he become entangled or snared on an object. Far too often, dogs accidently strangle themselves.

A leather collar that features metal studs on it is known as a stud collar. Originally, the stud collar was designed to prevent other animals from biting a dog's neck but is now considered to be a fashion accessory. They are particularly popular among teenagers who enjoy dressing in a gothic manner.

How about a studded collar for your big, tough.... er.... Chihuahua?
How about a studded collar for your big, tough.... er.... Chihuahua?

A Dog Collar Can Have Veterinary Utility As Well

 Many times, you'll see dogs with huge cones around their necks. This is known as an Elizabethan collar and it is used to prevent the dog from licking or scratching wounds on its neck or body.

Many types of dog collars are designed for training purposes and are not meant to be left on an animal's neck for long periods. If left unsupervised they can be dangerous or harmful.

A slip collar is a length of nylon rope or chain with rings at each end that can be fashioned into a loop. Also known as slip chains, choke collars or choke chains, this type of collar is used to train the dog to walk obediently on a leash. Attaching the leash to a certain ring will allow it to be tightened quickly to correct the dog's behavior.

A prong collar employs a series of metal links with open ends turned inward so that when tightened it pinches the skin around a dog's neck to cause pain or discomfort. Handlers should only resort to this type of collar for extremely stubborn or aggressive dogs. Fortunately, though similar to a slip collar in that it used to correct behavior, the prong collar will not completely tighten and does not actually choke the dog.

A martingale collar is designed to tighten with a quick tug of the leash, preventing a dog from slipping free while being walked. Typically made of nylon or something similar, this collar features a stopping mechanism that prevents it from closing completely. This is important for the dog's safety.

A head dog collar, or head halter, is similar to a horse halter. This collar fastens around the head, neck and muzzle, allowing greater control over a dog's movements. Pulling on this type of collar directs the dog back towards the handler. There is some controversy over this type of collar as some people believe it is uncomfortable for the dog and dangerous to his health. Improper use or hard jerking of the leash can lead to serious injury.

Electric collars are often used as training aids on yappy dogs or to keep dogs within a certain perimeter. The collar is activated either by remote or a sensor and delivers a tone, signal, vibration or shock to discourage bad behavior. Improper use of this type of device can lead to an aggressive or fearful animal and should only be used if all other training methods have failed.

Personalized dog collars bring the bling!
Personalized dog collars bring the bling!

Dog Collar Keeps Fido Perky

When purchasing dog supplies, a dog collar is not the only thing you need. You will require dog food and dog treats to feed your pet, as well as dog grooming supplies such as dog shampoo, dog nail clippers, dog tooth brush and a dog brush to groom him. You can keep your dog happy while you're away by giving him dog toys to play with. At bedtime, keep your pet comfortable with a dog bed or dog crate to sleep in.

Owning a dog can be very rewarding, especially if he's a happy pet!

Choosing the Right Dog Collar is Important

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