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A Dog Food Expert's Guide: The Top Five Organic Dog Foods for 2012

Updated on April 12, 2016

Organic Selections Truly Are the Best for You K9

Owners that truly love their dogs (and that is all of them!) will try to take every step possible to take proper care of their beloved four-legged family member. One such way to properly care for a dog would be to feed it the absolute best possible diet. This means owners have to be very deliberate and careful when making a selection of a brand. While there are many well known brands of dog food on the market, not all of them are beneficial to a dog's health. This is because the brands are loaded with fillers and processed ingredients. Or worse, they might include chemicals. Rather than feed your dog such a troubling diet, it might be a much better plan to purchase natural and organic dog food. This dog food will provide your pet with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients and none of the impurities lower quality dog food contains.

Of course, not all natural brands of dog food are of the same level of quality. Certain brands have greater benefits than others. For those wondering which brands would be the very best to purchase, the following is a brief look at the top five organic dog foods for 2012.

The Top Five All-Natural Organic Dog Foods

Sojo's is one of the top brands offering an organic selection for canines. There are several different specific selections of dog food offered through this brand. No matter what selection your dog prefers, you can feel confident it will be eating a diet that is wholesome and completely grain free. (Grain is not exactly food for a dog's digestive system) Sojo's dog food is presented in dry form and all you would need to do is add water and mix it up. The different meats and poultry used in the brand are also of very high quality. The beef selection comes with USDA approved red meat servings. The turkey selection is also made with poultry that is also USDA approved. This means the quality of the meat and poultry your dog would be eating is far greater than what is found in traditional dog food which is usually comprised of very low grade meat.

Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Food definitely will capture the attention of those seriously concerned with the health of their pet. This brand takes many extra steps to be sure that there is nothing in its contents that can present any potential adverse health reactions in your dog. Common troubling dog food ingredients that are not present in Castor & Pollux Organix products include common allergens such as corn and wheat, ethoxyquin, and standard preservatives. What is included in Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Food are free range chicken and soybean seeds. Both of which are completely organic and not provide many excellent nutrients to your dog.

Wellness Dog Food definitely does have a great name from a marketing perspective. People that do wish for their dog to stay healthy will want to provide their pet with the best product capable of providing holistic benefits to the canine. Wellness definitely offers dog food that contributes to your dog's health as it includes the Super5Mix which is this brand's trademark mix. The Super5Mix contains fruit antioxidants, vegetable antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, and the special ActiCoat proprietary blend that contains live microorganisms similar to human probiotics supplements. Of course, organic meats and poultries are included as well. Dogs will be pleased with the many different selections such as chicken, lamb, and venison. Interestingly, Wellness offers a duck meat selection which is very rare and not exactly something you would easily find in the catalogues of other dog food brands. Consider that another benefit with this excellent brand of natural dog food.

Blue might have a very innocuous and unassuming name for a brand of dog food but it does offer a great many excellent ingredients that will prove very helpful to the dog's health. Blue Homestyle Dog Food is made with all-natural ingredients and certainly no processed or chemical items. There are also some unique ingredients present in this brand such as barley and brown rice. The presence of these two items is to provide your dog with a nice selection of complex carbohydrates. These complex carbs are intended to help provide a reliable and healthy source of energy for the dog. Energy does not have to come from refined sugars or bread fillers which are very unhealthy choices. Blue also contains many excellent fruits and vegetables that can provide scores of minerals and vitamins. These fruits and vegetables includes cranberries, blueberries, carrots, and sweet potatoes.That is a very original mix and one that does a lot for your dog's health and wellbeing. Namely, they are loaded with antioxidants which can help your dog's health in many ways.

Natura Karma might receive bonus points for having such an attractive name but it will always be the ingredients in a dog food that determines whether or not it will be perfectly healthy for your pet. Even a cursory glance at the ingredients in this brand quickly reveals that it definitely has a great array of ingredients that will help provide perfect nutrition to any dog that dines on it. Organic ingredients are a must for a natural dog food to be truly natural. (No selection on a list of the top five organic dog foods for 2012 will lack organic ingredients) With this brand, the ingredients are 95% certified organic and that is a very high standard and Natura Karma prefers ingredients that meet the standard. Probably the most unique factor about this product is that a special cooking process is employed. Basically, the dog food is cooked in a gentle manner designed to ensure all nutrients are properly preserved so they can deliver the maximum benefit to you pet. Just be mindful of the fact that Natura Karma offers both traditional and natural dog food. Pet owners will find it more beneficial to purchase items from the natural, organic line.

Caring for a Dog Starts with Diet

Why is it important to review a list of the top five organic dog foods for 2012? A quality diet will contribute to your dog's health. When he or she is fed a top organic brand, quality of life improves dramatically.


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