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A Dog's Halloween Safety Tips

Updated on October 21, 2013
Argus The Biker Dog
Argus The Biker Dog | Source
Argus The Jester
Argus The Jester | Source
Argus Goes To War
Argus Goes To War | Source

Halloween is almost upon us. The imagination runs rampant. Decorations are removed from storage. New ones are purchased. Then, of course, there is the candy. What is Halloween without treats?

Whether you are planning party, taking the kids out around the neighbourhood or to the mall, or staying home, remember to keep your canine companions safe. It is simple. Just be sure to read and follow these few safety tips tp ensure everyone has a happy Halloween.

Safety Tips for Parties

If your dog does not enjoy crowds, make sure you keep him or her away from visitors. Arrange for doggy day care. This is better than shutting the pet away in a room. People can accidently let him or her out

If you canine companion enjoy crowds, it might still be a good idea to send him or her away. People often act like idiots at parties. They eat and drink too much. In spite of the warnings, they might feed your dog something that may make them sick.

Even if your dog enjoys the extra excitement and attention parties bring, they may become over excited. Moreover, some pets react to costumes adversely. They may become scared. This can lead to biting.

Yet, one of the best reasons to send your dog away when there is a party is safety. With the door constantly opening and closing at all times, there is a risk the animal will escape. You cannot guarantee you will be there all the time to prevent this. Guests often forget or do not pay attention. Before you know it, the party is over in more ways than one.

Trick ‘n’ Treating

Taking your pet with you shell-outing may seem like a great idea. The dog gets exercise. You and your child or children have fun and protection. The problem – your dog may become frightened by all the noise. He or she may react adversely. A scene may occur and you may find yourself explaining to parents why their child has a torn costume, is crying or, worse case scenario, a bite mark.

Unless your dog is nonplussed by Halloween shenanigans, DO NOT take him or her with you.

General Halloween Rules

Here are certain general rules to keep your pet safe on Halloween:

  • Chocolate candy – even the stuff they pass off as chocolate these days may pose a risk for your dog’s health. If you do not know – do not give candy to your pet
  • If the candy contains a chemical sweetener known as xylitol, do not feed it to your dog. It can cause problems.
  • If you decide to dress your canine companion up, make sure the costume fits properly. Make sure there is nothing the animal can eat and then choke upon
  • Depending upon the temperament of your canine, keep him or her away from the door. Too many people and too many dressed up strangely can scare him or stress her.
  • When it comes to pumpkins – be sure any and all candles are safely away from sweeping tales and excited dogs.
  • Watch the door. If you are not careful, your canine companion may bolt.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing proper identification. This will increase your chances of getting him or her back if they get out.

If you follow these basic rules, it should save you and your family dog from unnecessary grief and stress.

Peanut Cottontail
Peanut Cottontail | Source


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    • Bodybreak profile image


      5 years ago

      Great Article! I am always concerned about pets around Halloween Time


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