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A Gentle Way to Stop Your Dog's Barking

Updated on February 27, 2013

Some dogs just won't shut up! They bark all day and all night, the slightest shuffle outside or even the honk of a passing horn sends them mad, running through the house at break-neck speeds. Your neighbors are likely more annoyed than you realize. Perhaps you have grown numb to the barking but trust me, they haven't and since they don't know and love your dog, they likely never will.

Some people turn to cruel and unusual practices to stop the woof. Going so far as to remove a dog's voice box altogether so whenever they bark only a faint breathing sound escapes. How would you like to have your ability to speak revoked? There are better ways.

A popular, and cheap way, to silence bark-happy dogs is to create an unpleasant noise whenever they bark.

Coffee beans work good!
Coffee beans work good! | Source

Here's how:

1. Find a can, container, anything hard that you can cover with a lid.

2. Place coins, beans, or some round solid object inside.

3. Cover with lid.

Now, you have your homemade device, simply shake every time your dog begins barking. The unpleasant sound tends to dampen the fun of their barking. Over time, many dogs reduce barking from this harmless trick alone.


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