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A Guide To Horse Riding Equipment

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Great Variety Of Horse Riding Equipment

 All you need to do is to review an online horse riding equipment website or visit a local retailer and you will swiftly learn that the choices for horse riding equipment and tack supplies are virtually endless. This large variety of horse riding equipment makes it very easy to become confused as to what you need for your horse.

Horse tack, also known as equestrian tack, refers to all of the accessories and equipment worn by a horse when it is being ridden or used to drive a vehicle. Bridles, saddles and their accompanying parts, such as, halters, martingales, breast plates, and harnesses, are all different forms of horse tack. Halters, bridles and head collars are all equipment that include various straps arranged around the animal's head and are applied in different manners in order to control and communicate with the horse.

Saddles are the primary horse riding equipment.
Saddles are the primary horse riding equipment.

Horse Riding Equipment Requirements Are Extensive

 Saddles come in numerous materials and styles with the main styles consisting of Western and English. It is very important that a rider chooses the right sized saddle in order to abstain from injury to themselves, the horse, or the saddle. Many supply shops stock affordable, high quality equipment and have trained personnel able to assist you in choosing the right gear.

A bit is a mouthpiece that is placed in the horse's mouth and held in place by a headstall. The bit rests on the gums in front of the back molars. There are so many types of bits used for specific types of training and riding so it is important that you get the appropriate styles for your horse's needs. It should fit properly and be comfortable for your horse to wear.

Reins are ropes or leather straps that attach to the ends of a bit. They are like an extension of the rider's hands are used to communicate direction commands to the horse. Pulling on the reins will guide the horse in a certain direction or tell it to stop. The sides of a horse's mouth are very sensitive, allowing it to sense which way to turn by the movement of the bit.

One of the most important items is a saddle blanket. Not only do they keep your horse warm, they also protect them from flies and insects, keeping your horse clean and happy. When you consider how much it costs to insure your horse, keeping them healthy is not only for the horse's benefit but also for the benefit of your bank balance!

When choosing a saddle blanket, opt for one that is breathable, waterproof, durable, and made from a high quality material.  A horse blanket can greatly improve the animal's blood circulation, but keep in mind, horses can withstand fairly cold temperatures. Carefully consider the weight of blanket you choose as it may not be appropriate for the climatic conditions in your area.

A truly well equipped horse riding equipment store.
A truly well equipped horse riding equipment store.

Horse Riding Equipment For Riders Of All Ages & Skill Levels

 It is not difficult to find retailers who specialize in providing equipment for horse riding. You can locate your closest horse riding equipment stores in the local Yellow Pages, or you can find etailers of horse riding equipment in any simple search engine query for "horse riding equipment". New and used horse riding equipment can be found in these horse riding equipment stores and the extent of horse back riding equipment available in some of the larger ones is truly staggering. Some of them even have entire sections or departments allocated especially to horse riding equipment for kids.

Saddle pads come in every possible color.
Saddle pads come in every possible color.

Horse Riding Equipment Shows The Love You Have For Your Horse

 Caring for a horse can be extremely rewarding, however many people believe that caring for a horse is a fairly simple when it can actually be quite difficult and take up an inordinate amount of time. While there are many experienced individuals in this field, most horse owners only know the equine care basics. Proper shelter, good food and proper tack supplies are all necessities for a horse to be safe, comfortable and healthy and it is important to provide these necessities in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

Selecting The Right Horse Riding Equipment

 Disclaimer: The information on this Hub page does not constitute medical, legal, commercial, product, and/or service advice or endorsement of any vendor, supplier and/or brand, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. Listing of an entity or service on this Hub page is not a warranty of the quality or efficacy of the products or services furnished by any entity. The author is not directly compensated by any entity other than the advertising placement services shown on this page.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      one of my neighbor's horses had such high withers that she has to have a cut in the saddle for the withers to fit! and yes the saddle fit is very important! i have fallen off before because the saddle was fitted long. it hurt. :(

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      An important thing to note. Saddle fit is very important. Note that like a human, a horse changes body shape throughout its life. So a saddle that fits correctly today might not fit correctly a few years from now. Ill fitting saddles can cause health problems and high vet bills. So it is worth the extra money to get a correct fitting saddle when needed.

    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      Thank you for your comment! :)

    • Anne Coyle profile image

      Anne Coyle 

      9 years ago from Bronxville, NY

      Thanks for this info. With all the horse tack and equipment available today, it is fun and easy to select horse clothing and riding blankets that are not only functional, but will also complement the rider's equestrian apparel as well.


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