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A Guide to Large Dog Breeds

Updated on July 18, 2011

Many people have preconceived ideas when they think of large dog breeds. Often it is assumed that large dogs are all aggressive and unsuitable for the family home. In most cases this isnt true and a dog breed of any size can be unsuitable due to the temperament of any given dog. In reality some of the larger breeds of dogs can make the most suitable family pets.

Previously we looked at large dog breeds such as the Akita, the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bullmastiff and Alaskan Malamute. You can read about them here and return back here afterwards if you like. In this article we are going to look at some of the other large dog breeds available.

Large Dog Breeds - The Great Dane
Large Dog Breeds - The Great Dane

 Great Dane

One of the true gentle giants amongst large breeds of dog, the Great Dane makes a great family dog. Orignally bred for hunting, the Great Dane is now a docile and friendy (not to mention extremely large) domestic dog. Great Danes make great companions despite their size. They require only moderate exercise, are quick to house train and generally do well in obedience competitions.

Large Dog Breeds - The Irish Setter
Large Dog Breeds - The Irish Setter

 Irish Setter

Few dogs are more fun to be around than an Irish Setter. High energy and needing a lot of exercise, their happy-go-lucky personalities make them a firm favourite with families. They simple love to play, but their mischievous nature means that training must start from an early age to stop them developing destructive traits. They can make great watchdogs as they love to announce the arrival of every visitor, whether it be an intruder or just a squirrel. If you have your heart set on a large dog breed then you wont be disappointed with an Irish Setter.

Large Dog Breeds - Old English Sheepdog
Large Dog Breeds - Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

It is fair to say that an Old English Sheepdog makes it job to be devoted to you. They can make wonderful family pets and are said to have a sense of humor. many retain a herding instinct which doesn't go down too well with young children or smaller pets! They like being outside and need moderate exercise every day, but are also very content just being relaxed around its family. Needless to say, their heavy coats shed significantly so expect to find dog hair all over your home!


Large Dog Breeds - Rottweiler
Large Dog Breeds - Rottweiler


The worlds best guard dog. Calm, brave, independent and loyal are just a few of the superlatives associated with this animal. Arguably the easiest dog to train, the Rottweiler thrives on your companionship and is extremely loyal and fond of the children in the family. Not one to make indiscriminate friendships with strangers, you will need to be careful of your Rottweiler around other dogs. This large dog breed is very intelligent and loves to be with its owner. A more loyal friend you couldn't find.

Large Dog Breeds - Siberian Husky
Large Dog Breeds - Siberian Husky

 Siberian Husky

recognisable to most as the typical sled dog, the husky is a great all round dog. As you would expect they need significant exercise every day and are always looking for something to do. Siberians can good family pets as they love to play with children and enjoy the company of other dogs. As you may also anticipate they can be difficult to teach to walk to heel rather than pull on the leash. With their big coats they are heavy shedders and although they don't require it, you are likely to want to groom them every day.


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    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      My dogs are medium size. Yet when I put their paws on my shoulders they can look me right in the eye. Great Danes are beautiful but I call them little horses. Mastiffs are HUGE yet goofy.. This was a great article.


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