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A Magic Cat

Updated on March 9, 2012

Once upon a time, there lived a small old woman, she had a black cat. One day she went out to the park, and met a tiny old man. The small old woman invited the tiny old man to her house to have tea.

As soon as they sat beside the table, her black cat meowed, and jumped on the table, and changed to a tea pot. The old woman pick up the tea-pot cat, and poured the wee-wee tea into the cup.

Then the small old woman and tiny old man had tea, but they didn't have any cake. So they said, “It would be very nice if we have some cake.”

Suddenly, the tea-pot cat changed into a pretty box with a Pooh-pooh cake inside. The small old lady opened the box, took out the cake, and put it into a plate, and said: “Yummy!”

When they were eating cake and drinking tea, and chatting happily. Suddenly the box changed back into the black cat, and jumped off the table.

The end.


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