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A One Horse Town...Not Likely

Updated on July 24, 2012

Cut & Shoot, Texas

There are a few stories about how this little town got its name. One was that a sheriff threatened to cut or shoot you if you did not go to church on Sunday if you happened to be his guest. Another one was a dispute over water and a little boy was quoted as saying "I'm gonna cut around that corner and shoot from the bushes". However, it got its not for sure but it is just a wide spot in the road between Conroe, Tx and Cleveland, Tx and it is where I live. It is also full of bikers and cowboys of every shape and size.

It has a huge Harley Davidison chapter and there are biker bars, restaurants, and even churches welcoming the big Hog riders. It also has quite an collection of motorcycle chopper riders. There are a lot of community activities for such a small town that involve everyone.

Horses are everywhere in people's yards, riding the highway, and on trailrides. Some people even ride their horses to church. It has miles and miles of back roads where in the cooler weather, people take their horses out and ride all day. It has events for the young aspiring cowboys and cowgirls in play days at church to teach them ranching skills. There are several ranches here as well.

In some ways, Cut and Shoot, Texas is almost like time passed it by and the "big" life of Texas goes on as daily, included. I ride my vintage moped on these back roads and soon as fall comes, then I will ride my horse out here out as well. As a girl raised and deeply home rooted in New Orleans, it would seem that I don't really fit here but because of a love of motorcycles, horses and history, I have somehow been intergrated in this little but not one horse town community.

Don't seem likely? Have you ever been here?


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