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A Pair of Siberian Cranes

Updated on January 5, 2017

Siberian Cranes

Plants and Animals in Water

Siby and Seeby, a pair of Siberian cranes were very close friends. They traveled everywhere together; to the warmth of a summer in Siberia and then to the warmth of water in Africa.

They had made many friends in a lake in Africa: Hippo who was always playing on the lake, fishes who darted here and there as they looked for food and Turtle who was very quick when he swam in the water, but was slow on land.

The lake was big and full of water every time it rained. During summer, they had to manage with less water. The rains would come in time for the lake to once again fill up with water.

One year, something terrible happened. It did not rain at all. All the animals desperately tried to adjust to what little water they had. It was of no avail. The hippo was too large and needed at least 4- 5 feet of the water. She looked very ill as her skin began showing signs of drying up. Her friends tried to cover her with a mud a pack, but the heat of the sun just peeled away the mud as it dried. Turtle too tried to hide himself inside his shell, but he too had to come out to look for food. He kept getting his feet burnt as he tried to walk on the hot, dry floor of the lake. Hippo and Turtle had left a small pool of water for the fishes to swim in. Without water, the fish would have died. The floor of the lake was covered with yellow and brown stalks of plants which had dried up a long time ago.

The Hippo

Save the Friends

Just as the friends had almost five up hope, Seeby and Siby flew in. Both the cranes were shaken by what they saw. They flew here and there, and carried some water back in their beaks, wherever they find it. This was not enough.

How to save their friends? This was the only thought in their minds as they circled high up in the sky looking for a source of water.

In the distance, something shone as they flew over a gorge. Immediately, Siby changed direction to take a closer look, Seeby followed Siby.

As they flew closer, their joy knew no bounds. They had found water! It was a river flowing in the gorge of a mountain. The birds would have missed it as it was hidden from their view by the mountain.

The elephants

The Elephants

Siby and See by gratefully dipped themselves in the river water and quenched their thirst. Now the question uppermost in their mind was: How to bring their friends here?

Then Siby spotted a herd of elephants drinking and bathing in the river. that’s when she hit upon a plan! Siby requested their help and split our her plan.

Back at the almost -dry lake, the animals could hardly move as the temperature rose through the day. They had given up hope of surviving. Just then they heard the trumpets of elephants and as the dust cleared, they saw these huge animals following a pair of cranes: Siby and Seeby!

All the elephants let out a trunkful of water for Hippo, Turtle and the fishes. Gratefully, all the animals lapped it up.

The elephants came again the next day carrying the river – water in their trunks. Luckily, it rained the following day and the lake was again full of water. Now the lake dwellers had a new friend joining them in the lake – the elephants!


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