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A Pet Urn Can Bring Comfort

Updated on April 11, 2013
Pet Cremation Urns in Various Colors
Pet Cremation Urns in Various Colors | Source

A Pet Urn is a Memorial to Your Furry Friend

Our pets are our loving friends, and indeed members of our family. When we lose a pet, we feel the loss very deeply; sometimes the grief we feel over the loss of our pet can be extreme and overwhelming, as well as prolonged. The unconditional nature of the love and joy a pet has given us has had a great impact on our daily life, and when it is suddenly gone, we can lose our bearings and fall deeply into mourning. Sometimes a particular family member will have a very difficult time getting past the loss - sometimes it's a pet parent, and sometimes it's a child. In the case of a child's state of mourning, they may have a hard time even knowing why they are so affected, or how to constructively move through their grief.

When we lose a pet, it can be helpful to commemorate. With people, it's a given - we mourn the death of a family member or friend with a funeral, and the enacting of a ceremony helps us to process our grief and find closure. With our pets, there is often less importance placed on memorializing, and sometimes this can leave us without the benefit of a way to begin healing.

By creating a pet memorial, we can commemorate the importance of our furry friend, and conduct a ceremony of sorts. Some pet families choose to bury their pet in their back yard, and commemorate the interment with a stepping stone or a marker. This can be the less expensive route, but can have a downside if and when the family moves in the future. Other families choose cremation, putting the ashes into a small pet cremation urn, which can be kept in their home. This option has the advantage of portability, and also having the memorial in the home where it remains part of the family's daily life.

The size of urn needed for various breeds of cats or dogs is a question that is fairly simple to answer: the pet's weight is about the same as the number of cubic inches that the ashes will take up. So, if your cat weighed 12 pounds, the ashes will require 12 cubic inches of interior volume inside the urn. Likewise, a dog of 35 pounds will need an urn that holds up to 35 cubic inches of ashes. When shopping for a pet urn online, the web store should always indicate the interior volume of the urns they are offering.

Some pet parents find consolation in conducting a scattering ceremony in a place where their pet was happy. Sometimes, a portion of the ashes will be kept in a small keepsake urn, and the remainder will be used for the scattering ceremony.

The act of conducting a kind of ceremony can be very helpful in finding closure in our grief. Just saying a few words of thanks to our pet for all the love and wonder they brought to us, can bring immeasurable comfort.

Barbara Bergen is a Designer at Cremation Urns by Legacy,

Pet Cremation Urn Demonstration


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    • Barbara Bergen profile image

      Barbara Bergen 5 years ago from Nelson, BC, Canada and Sarasota Florida, USA

      My Weimaraner, Sky, loved the smell of eucalyptus, so I put a sprig of it in her urn with her tags.