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How To Bathe and Clean Stray Kittens: Step-By-Step Guide

Updated on November 4, 2016

Our adopted stray kitten-Peaches

Our adopted stray kitten Peaches in her hideaway
Our adopted stray kitten Peaches in her hideaway

How To Bathe A Stray Kitten: A Step-By-Step Guide

First and foremost, it is always safe to assume that all stray kittens hates water, because more often than not they are. So it will be safe to observe precautionary measures in giving kitten care or handling stray kittens while preparing them to be hygienically safe or thoroughly clean before introducing them to the other members of your family especially to your kids. I hope you'll find this hub - How To Bath A Stray Kitten: A Step-By-Step Guide helpful.

How To Bath A Stray Kitten: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Prepare and place the necessary things you'll need within reach before giving the kitten a bath (towel, shampoo or bath gel, face towel, a small basin, a footstool for you to sit on).
  • Stray kittens are not used to water, so never pour water directly into their body because they are bound to resist and scream and run away.
  • Prepare the shampoo by mixing or diluting a small amount with water in the small basin.
  • Be sure to lock the door of the bathroom and put away breakable things inside the bathroom (just in case the kitten slips from your grasp and run away jumping, bumping and crashing into breakable items.
  • Tuck the shower curtains away so that the kitten cannot climb onto it when it slips away from your hand.
  • Let the kitten stand on four feet, hold it on the nape and firmly push it down but not too hard to keep it's four feet firmly on the floor to prevent it from accidentally scratching you with its claws.
  • Wet the coat of the kitten with a wet face towel. This will allow the kitten to slowly adjust to the cold temperature.
  • Scoop a small amount of diluted shampoo and rub it on its coat, gently rubbing your hands on the coat to make a lather. Repeat the process until the entire body of the kitten is wet from the nape down to the tail. Do not include the face.
  • While still holding the kitten on its nape with one hand, scoop small amount of water with your other hand and carefully rinse the kitten. Don't use too much water they will get frightened and will try to break away from your grasp which is not ideal because you can be hurt by its sharp claws.
  • You have to work fast while doing the above steps. When the coat is thoroughly rinsed, lift the kitten while still holding it on the nape keeping its feet away from you and wrap the towel around the kitten leaving the head popping up. Be sure the towel is thick enough to avoid the claws from passing through.
  • Hold the wrapped kitten and pull it towards you with one hand, the way a mother holds her baby when breastfeeding, so that the face of the kitten is positioned upward. You'll now clean the entire head and face with the face towel dampened in soapy water. Rinse the face towel and repeat the process until the water that drips from the face towel becomes clear.
  • Wipe the inside of the ear with the face towel and use cotton buds moistened with alcohol to clean the hard to reach areas at the same time disinfecting it. Some kitten has ticks in them and these are hidden inside the ears.
  • Place the wrapped kitten in your lap in a sitting position and slowly, partially unwrap the towel. Gently rub the towel all over the body giving it a gentle rub to warm the kitten and dry its coat. You may use a blow dryer to speed the process. Be sure not to startle the kitten so that it will not run away :)
  • Make sure the kitten is thoroughly dry and warm before setting it free. Pat and pet the kitten and reward it by giving it some food or milk.
  • Give only the kitten a full bath when you have established a routine and it is used to getting a bath. Some stray kitten will develop a love for water that they will not resist when given a bath.

I hope the above How To Bathe A Stray Kitten: A Step-By-Step Guide will help to train you in bathing and keeping your adopted stray kitten clean. These guide are based from our own personal experience which we were able to learn through trial and error. It has since worked for us and I hope it will work for you. ^_^.

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  • glorgeousmom profile image

    Glo L Bernadas 7 years ago from Philippines

    the pleasure is mine ^_^

  • Teylina profile image

    Teylina 7 years ago

    thnx pro!

  • glorgeousmom profile image

    Glo L Bernadas 7 years ago from Philippines

    I strongly agree with you Teylina. It will help calm the kitten to gently stoke it with your bare hands. The gloves will only help the kitten slip from your grip easily.

  • profile image

    Teylina 7 years ago

    That's one thing that caught my attention; have seen a few pieces done on this, and I think you are the only one I've seen who did not say, "get some gloves," and believe me, I may be an amateur--but ain't no way they're gonna help! Don't you agree that the touch of our hands and toweling is much more calming, anyway?--or is that just my imagination? I've never used gloves, but did lv door unlocked! Oops!

  • glorgeousmom profile image

    Glo L Bernadas 7 years ago from Philippines

    Hi Teylina. Thank you for dropping by my hub and or sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it a lot. Yes, you're right. It's not ideal to use gloves, besides the sharp claws can still penetrate on the rubber material and it will be much difficult to handle and hold the kitten.

  • Teylina profile image

    Teylina 7 years ago

    Having been there, done that, gotta admit you covered it all. Somebody wrote somewhere to use gloves, to which a reader responded, "Why? Gloves scare them and get torn up." So true. And, yes, you're the only one I've heard say "lock the door," but if you don't somebody can open it and it's not a pretty picture! Great info.


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