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A Reflection of My Own Angry Bird Experience

Updated on January 5, 2013

One Angry Bird!


Angry and Bird Brained

When I first heard of the Angry Birds phenomenon, I wondered if the creators had ever actually seen angry birds and what might have prompted them to choose that particular mad species. I began to reflect back on my own personal experiences with real live angry birds.

Birds, in general, are not known to be very intelligent creatures. I suppose this along with the size of their brain, has been the source of such insults to an alleged weaker minded person as being a "bird brain."

One of my experiences causes me to indeed question one particular type of male bird and his clarity of mind, specifically in the spring time during mating season.

The male cardinal is a strikingly beautiful bird but can behave rather funny at times. His nutty antics upon seeing his reflection in a mirror would be comical if it weren't for the danger of doing himself bodily harm.

There's no shortage of reflective material near my country home because of several work trucks, all of which have large side view mirrors.

Many years ago, my attention was drawn to a cardinal repeatedly attacking one of these mirrors. At first I thought he was attempting to catch a moving meal, but then realized he was trying to fight the bird in the mirror. All fluffed up and ready for battle, this poor little creature flew into the other cardinal. Again and again, he would attack, sometimes sitting a minute to recover. For hours, he would repeat this futile procedure.

My attempts to shoo him away were ineffective and I wanted no part of becoming a victim of this angry bird. He was determined to do away with his rival and day after day would reappear to engage in battle. I will assume he survived to fight another season, or bore offspring mindless enough to wage the same war.

That was many years ago and I've seen this behavior repeated many times. Love can cause us to do many crazy things and so can being a bird brain. But a bird brained lover, as I reflect back to my younger Springs, is best left alone.


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