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A Sad News Story: Puppies In Spain

Updated on September 22, 2014
Not everyone loves puppies
Not everyone loves puppies

A sad thing happened in Barcelona, according to a Spanish newspaper I read back in 2011, when two dogs were apparently abandoned and tossed out of a window on January 20. An eyewitness saw the small puppies, contained in a plastic bag, being thrown out of a moving car vehicle. The woman retrieved the puppies and found them struggling for air. So she helped them out of the bag, and she took them to the vet. They were a girl and a boy. The girl seemed to physically fine, but the boy had one broken leg. Still, the dogs could have easily died. The vet bill turned out to be 900 Euros! The good news is that people contributed towards the fund, as the event sparked public sympathy. The public contributed 500 Euros, and this article, when written, was lobbying for more public contributions, giving contact information. It was a strange and unfortunate event.

This event shows that strange things happen everywhere, even in Spain, but more importantly, it is a reflection of some of the dysfunction of the people of the world. Obviously, a person who tosses dogs out of a car window in a plastic bag is not mentally well. This case, though it didn't end up ending the dogs life, is extreme in its cruelty. The puppies, small and fluffy, look so sweet that it is hard to imagine someone actually treating them that way. But this news calls attention to the fact that sick people still exist in the culture.

This article compares a lot of news stories in the United States, as there is a lot of strange, cruel stories of average people here, and the news media loves to cover them. There are countless stories every year of people doing strange, cruel thing. One is reminded of the angry wife, Lorena Bobbit, who castrated her husband, or the mom who drowned her own children. Those were human lives, of course, but animal cruelty is often a precursor to human violence. There are also animal rights activists here, with their own websites and publications, that tell of stories often much more severe than this one in Spain. For example, in country areas, it is a common practice to take unwanted dogs and cats deep in the country and kill them, so they will not run back to their owners. This story is a little more bizarre because the victimizer of these animals made no effort to conceal his antics from public attention, tossing the dogs out of a car on a busy city street.


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