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A Safe & Stimulating Environment for a Ferret

Updated on April 14, 2009

Ferrets can make exceptional pets.  They are smart, social, active, curious, cute, cuddly, and trainable.  But they are curious and hyper beyond belief! 

Because ferrets are so active, hyper, and curious, they want to explore everything within their reach, and they will do so at great speeds!  They can run & hop around so fast that it's hard to catch them sometimes! 

As a ferret pet owner (or someone who is thinking of owning a ferret), you need to provide your pet ferret with a safe yet stimulating environment.  Ferrets' curiousity usually overwhelms their common sense, and when they are young, they have absolutely NO sense of self-restraint or self-safety!  My two and a half month old ferret takes flying leaps off of our couch, towards the hardwood floor, whether we are there to catch him or not!  He has NO sense of heights or debt perception!  So that means that we have to protect our little furball!

Ferrets love to tunnel and burrow, so we use a large, soft blanket to play with our ferret.  We throw it over him, and he wiggles around inside, digs at it, and burrows around in it.  It is hours of fun! 

Ferrets also love hammocks, so we bought a house cage that contained a hanging hammock.  Our ferret figured out that he was supposed to sleep in that hammock on his very first night in our home.  It was second nature to him, and he has slept in it every night since. 

Ferrets also have very large lungs, because of how long their bodies are.  Because of the size of their lungs, they are delicate and susceptible to harmful dust & smells.  Because a ferret's lungs are so delicate, you should not smoke near your ferret or use harsh household chemicals, as these smells can damage their sensitive lungs.  If you must make dust, use chemicals, or smoke, you should place a fan near your ferret, to blow the smoke away from him.  He will thank you, and you'll have a healthy ferret!

Because ferrets are so small and wriggly, they can fit into small spaces.  This includes, getting inside the dishwasher, washer & dryer, under the couch, under the bed, and any other small space that will be extremely difficult for you to find him and retrieve him. 

So keep a very close eye on your little guy, because if you let him out of your sight for just a moment, he will disappear! 

One last thing:  young ferrets LOVE to bite and chew on things.  They are teething and young, so remember that they will taste everything, including your fingers.  You can teach your ferret not to bite human fingers by scruffing him at the back of his neck and saying "No bite!" in a loud, firm voice.  This has worked for us so far. 

But because ferrets love to bite everything they can, they will eat anything, not knowing that it may be dangerous for them.  So you, as their responsible parent, need to keep all things small and toxic out of their reach.  For example, keep rubber & styrofoam away from your furball!  These will get caught in their delicate digestive systems and wreak havoc.  Your fuzzy should eat absolutely NOTHING besides formulated ferret food and ferret treats.  No human food; no pieces of toys; nothing else! 

Hopefully this advice will help you be an educated, fun ferret owner.  Enjoy your little fuzzball, and remember:  keep him safe and stimulated! 


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    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      They are adorable. I wanted one once, but two cats and a dog now..... I'll just admire from a distance.

    • kiran8 profile image


      10 years ago from Mangalore, India

      So cute, thanks for the info, i hardly knew anything about tem :)


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