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A Tail of Two Cats

Updated on March 16, 2010

 I am, or should say was, not a cat person. Don't get me wrong, I liked cats but dogs were my animal of choice. Now my wife is a different story. She initially hated cats, until we got one. That cat was always with her and she could do anything to it. She could rub its belly, head, feet, swing it around, and the cat would just purr and cuddle up to her. With me it was a different story, if I did not pet it just right it would immediately bite me. Not a nibble, or a cute bite, but a draw blood bite. It would lower its ears, look me dead in the eye, while jerking its tell side to side as if to say, "come on put that hand down here again". That was the cat from hell and it wouldn't die it lived for 18 years, and up to the day before it died it had bitten me.

About a year later, my Mother passed away and I inhereited her dog, Bubba. A foo-foo dog, a Bishone Frise, or as I called it a Bitchen Frizzy. I usually had big dogs and after several months we became inseperable. This drove my wife nuts, Bubba would have nothing to do with her if I was around and if I left. He would lay down next to her and wimpper, until I returned.

About a year later, my wife came home and told me the sad story of a little brown and white kitten whos mother had died, and that they lived on a farm. The little kitten would run up to her and purr and rub its head on her leg until she would pick it up. It would cuddle up close to her as she held it and purr. The the question, can I get it?  I felt like my Dad must have when we would bring stray animals home, and ask that very same question. I told her if she wanted it to go ahead and get it.

To my surprise, she called me from her work the next morning to let me know she had the cat and for me to pick it up and take it home. So my first stop was the pet store, kitty food soft and hard, small bottle and kitty milk, little bed, food dish, water dish and a couple of toys. When I get to my wife's work to pick the cat up, to my surprise there were two. My wife told me she couldn't take the one she wanted and leave the other one there. They were buddies, everywhere one went the other would follow, but if I didn't want it, I could take it back. Right, like I could do that without hearing about it everyday for the rest of my life. So now we have two little tiny kittens that fit in the palm of your hand and are still nursing. They were worse than all our kids combined, for about a month feeding every 3 to 4 hours, day and night.

After having them for several weeks we took them to the vet to check them out. They were growing but very slowly. The friendly cat my wife named Mimi and the other one Hana. Well the vet told us that they were both packed with all kinds of cat bugs. Which took about a month to clear up. Now cats do not like to be forced to take medicine, and will scratch and bite to get away from having to take the medicine, especially when it tasted really bad. So bad that after taking it they would sit and drool for about 20 minuets. Needles to say, my hands and arms were streaked with red marks from claws and teeth. At this first vet visit we also learned that Hana was a male cat and Mimi a female, and it would be several more months before we had to have them fixed.

Home life had changed for me and Bubba. We were afraid that Bubba when think they were mice or a chew toy. So we played musical animals, if the cats were out of their cage, Bubba was in his. The cats would explore and play with each other, and climb up my legs leaving small red pin-holes where their claws went through my jeans and buried themselves into my flesh. When Bubba was out, he would sit in front of the cats cage and watch their every movement. I was never sure if he was thinking, what are these things, or dinner time. Finally after several months of musical animals, and the pain and suffering the cats inflicted upon me. It was time to put Bubba and the cats together, would they get-a-long or would I have to pry them from Bubba's clinched teeth. To my surprise the cats immediately took out after Bubba, walking dead at him, wanting to nurse. Now Bubba was not going to have any part of that, he would jump sideways and back and forth to stay away from them. As the cats got older, they played more and more with Bubba, He would chase them for awhile and then they would chase him. Over the couch, under the tables, and around the chairs, till they were all so tired they would fall asleep on the floor, watching each other.

The cats favorite scratch toy was me, the couch, and then their scratching post. This got old real quick, we tried everything to stop their scratching but it just seemed to get worse and worse. Finally, we took them to the vet to get fixed and talked about having their front claws removed. My wife and I did not want to have to remove their claws, but after talking to the vet we all agreed it was the best thing to do. Also, due to their clawing each other, Mimi had cut Hana's eye with her claws. Luckily, a month of treatment and his eye recovered without any long term damage. After being fixed and their claws removed, it took about a month for them to heal. They are now inside cats, and they still run around playing and fighting, with themselves and Bubba.

After all the pain and suffering they have caused me, when they are all curled up together on the couch asleep, they look like little Angeles and make you forget about all the pain and damage they can do when they are awake. We have all adjusted to the cats and they to us, they are a welcomed addition to our home.


Bubba the Foo-Foo Dog

MImi at the Front Door

Hana waiting for Dinner


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  • Internetwriter62 profile image

    Internetwriter62 7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

    Thanks for a wonder hub. I have had three cats of my own and yeah I have had some battle scars of my own to show for it. I had one cat that was very shy, but boy could she scratch you. My other cat was easier to handle. I never forgot my first cat and the first time I gave her a bath, giving a cat a bath is an unforgettable experience, not to mention painful. Thanks for the memories. Great hub, Mr.Davis.

  • Terry B. Davis profile image

    Terry B. Davis 7 years ago


    Thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed it.

  • PrettyPanther profile image

    PrettyPanther 7 years ago from Oregon

    Aw, such a sweet story! And one that animal lovers everywhere can relate to. I enjoyed that very much.