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A Tale of a Frog, two sisters, and an Aunt

Updated on October 20, 2012

Cold-blooded Frog, Not!

It was a night not unlike a typical Friday night. I was picking up my sister from the high school football game. We chatted a bit on the way home. We walk through the door and head to our separate bedrooms. All of a sudden, I hear my sister screaming, so I naturally rush to her room to see what is going on. She is not making any sense. She is babbling she collapses on her bed making wailing sounds like a newborn. She literally reverted back to infancy. Was she having a nervous breakdown? I asked her over and over, what is wrong? She keeps saying, "Ahhh! Ahhh!" Finally she manages to muster the words, "A frog is in the house, Ah!

Clearly, she is panicked and my aunt is going to panic, too. My first thought was to panic, but I am the responsible adult, so I had to keep a level head. I had her lead me to the kitchen and show me where she saw it. Oh my God, there it was small green, weighing a frightening half an ounce. Then, it did something that made me faint on the inside, it started jumping around.

Much to our horror and dismay he hopped around with delight in his little green heart. She sheer terror that graced the three on-lookers was made evident by the yells and screams from my sister as she retreated to her room. The soundless sprinting of my forty-seven year old aunt. Also the evidence that I somehow beat them both at lightening speed and managed to leave my bedroom slippers in the kitchen.

I spent three minutes looking for them, because I was so terrified by the aimless jumping it did not dawn on me I left them in my haste to find safety. After we regrouped and formulated a plan, I spotted my shoes where I had left them. The frog hoped and we left again. I thought OK we have to get it together, I want to go to sleep.

So, I told them watch the frog make sure it doesn't hop anywhere. I went back to my room got my phone and googled, how to kill a frog, not how to get a frog out of the house, but how to kill a frog. I am a serious vegetarian, but in that moment it was him vs. us and I knew it was a time to kill. May he rest in peace, because that was the first night he did not return home.

So as I searched for the remedies nothing satisfied me and I remembered my mother telling me that she sprayed a frog with bug spray and that's how they were able to get it out of the house. I grabbed the spray and he bounced around even worse. My sister was thinking too and she said, "Na Na!" (That is her cat Banana.) Then, again there was a scratch at the door. "Na na, is that you?" "Meow." The only problem is the frog is in between the cat and us.

I leave the room again looking for a better solution, when I return my sister had also left, only my aunt was in the room with the frog. As we looked we did not see him, it appeared that he was gone. My sister collapsed, "No, no, no, ahhh!" I panicked then, I thought, just take towels and put them under the doors, so he won't get in and jump down our throats.

Then, on second glance it was dead in the corner. We had to be sure, so my aunt touched it with the broom. I didn't have that much nerve. She swept it towards my sister and I and we screamed no sweep it the other way. She swept it outside and we all retreated to our rooms. My four year old who never tries to sleep, slept through this entire ordeal. The moral of the story is, bug spray kills frogs, too!


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    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      thanks ms dora glad to be entertaining, we learns from our adventures, no matter how unexpected.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for writing an interesting story in the process of sharing your discovery. Good to know.

    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @always exploring, I said a little prayer for him on facebook, lol. He was probably more frightened than we were if that was possible, I think we sucked all the fear out of the room as a collective.

    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @Angela, thanks trust me when I say there was nothing like the real thing, lol. I purposely put up a pic of my sister in her warrior wear, lol, wonder if we all needed a band to find some courage, we were worse than the lion off of the wizard of oz.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      HaHa, funny, That poor froggy..Ha

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 

      6 years ago from Central Texas

      Marvelously funny experience and very well told! Best/Sis


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