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A Tale/Tail of Two Dachshunds

Updated on April 29, 2011

Doggy Max Meets Puppy Trudi

Things had finally gotten back to normal for Doggy Max, possibly the World's looooooooooooongest dachshund. Not too long ago (except that it seemed like forever), his idol, furry red aunt, Katie, had gone to Doggy Heaven. At least that's what his mom and dad said when they sent him for a vacation at his grandparents' house. They told him that MomMom and Pop would be sad this Christmas without Queen Katie. Maybe he could cheer them up.

Max was glad to help. After all, MomMom and Pop invited him to their house for lots of vacations. Plus they were Katie's Mommy and Daddy. They were also his Mommy's Mommy and Daddy. (This was getting complicated.) Anyway, he didn't mind lending a paw. It also would give his sister, Baby Bella, some private time with Mom and Dad.

So he spent the Holiday plus a few weeks more at MomMom and Pop's house. (It was kind of tough without Katie. It wasn't so much fun playing with his toys without her watching.) Then he went home to Mommy, Daddy and Baby Bella.

The next time he came to MomMom and Pop's house for a vacation, though, things had changed. Big time.

As soon as he trotted his looooooooooooooong body into the house, a tiny furball threw itself, squeaking, at him.

"What the heck?" Doggy Max wondered, as he drew back in fear and cowered in the corner.

His Pop quickly came over to where the furball had landed and picked it up. "Now, Trudi," he said, "This is your nephew, Max, even though he's old enough to be your uncle."

Max darted a quick glance at the critter named Trudi. Upon closer inspection, she looked like a furry mouse.... but wait.... good grief! She was a tiny spotted version of him!

Max's mommy said, "Oh, what an adorable, dappled mini- dachshund," as she petted the little munchkin named Trudi, who licked her hand in return.

Oh, my. It was a tiny version of him..... not nearly as handsome, of course. Max let out one of his famous, louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud woofs just to let her know who was boss. Instead of running away in fear, though, the kid threw herself at him. Again. This time, though, he didn't back off.

"What's your problem, little tyke?" he asked in dogspeak.

"I am not a 'little tyke' the pup replied. I am Trudi the Terrible."

Max laughed so hard he almost choked. "Max, get a drink!" his mom ordered.

After he he'd wandered over to his water bowl (next to which now stood another, smaller bowl) and slurped up some water, Max ambled his loooooooooong black body over to where the kid named Trudi was standing. "Okay, Trudi the Terrible, what's your problem?" he whispered as he nudged her ear. "Do you want to play, or are you just going to stand there and keep squeak-barking?"

"I'll play," she announced, "as long as you promise not to call me 'little tyke' again."

"Deal," Max agreed as they started chasing each other around the house.

Not long after that, Max's Mommy and Daddy brought another one of those teensy two-legged creatures home from what they called "the hospital." It looked like Baby Bella had looked. They said this one was called "Baby Peter."

"Oh well," he thought. I got used to Baby Bella. Actually, she's my best buddy. I guess I'll get used to this one, too."

(Bella didn't adjust to the interloper quite as quickly as Doggy Max did. It took her some time to realize that she wasn't "the baby" anymore, but when she did, she thought it was kind of cool to be Big Sister Bella.)

A short time later, though, Mommy and Daddy asked Doggy Max if he'd like to go and live at MomMom and Pop's house with Doggy Trudi. They were sorry, they said, but they couldn't spend too much time with him, now that there were two two-legged little creatures under the age of two, whatever that meant.

Max thought about it for about a second. He did have all those toys up there.... and there was that crazy little puppy, Trudi....."Woof!" he answered, "as long as I can come home for vacations."

They sealed the deal, and Max moved in with his grandparents and his feisty little aunt. He discovered that his Pop had put up a fence in the back yard, since he knew that Doggy Max did not like to go for walks because of his fear of anything that moved.

When Max arrived, little Trudi was so happy that she sqeak-barked for half an hour, after which she proceeded to chase Doggy Max around the yard. "This might work," he thought as he picked up his favorite toy, Mr. Hedgehog, and tossed him into the air. "This just might work."

Trudi the Terrible and Mighty Max
Trudi the Terrible and Mighty Max


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