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A Tribute To My Beloved Kitty Lucy.

Updated on July 21, 2014

My Beloved Lucy Has Passed Away.

Where do I begin.. I adopted Lucy before she was really weened. Her mother was a homeless cat, that my daughter took in and tried to care for. Soon after we found out that Jade, ( which my daughter named her) was pregnant. At first I said No! I did not want to have a cat, but then after seeing them I fell in love with Lucy Bell, which is the name I gave her. This was in the summer of 2007.

The day I took her home was in my green purse, and after that she always loved all my purses, and wanted to climb into them and play with everything. It stared out as a nightmare. Baby Lucy was so flea ridden, and I had to be careful what I did with her, and it was a nightmare. I gave here bath after bath, and picked out the fleas by hand. and combed her. She was so trusting and loving, and at night I would cuddle with her under the blankets to make up for it. Eventually I was able to use a real flea treatment on her, as those fleas were really stubborn. And once I did that she was okay.

I also used salt all around the house to make sure there were no stray fleas, as I was getting bit, and I also used Apple cider vinegar. Which this helped a lot.

Lucy was a very shy and quiet cat. She did not interact with other people very much. This made me sad, as she would go and hide from people, even family members, I never could figure it out. She did however like people when she was in heat.

Also she never wanted to go outside, which was fine with me, as I wanted her to be an indoor kitty. I spoiled her, and took care of her very well. She was my baby. And she adored her special treats, which I gave her everyday! She never did like human food tho.

But.... I never took her to the Vet. And that was a big mistake on my part. I thought if she was an indoor cat nothing bad could happen to her, but I was so wrong. I did want to get her spayed, but in order to do that, I would have to get her lots of shots first, which I could not afford.

I remember back in the day. It was only dogs that you had to take to the vet for shots and such. Back then I guess they did not know what could happen to an un-spayed cat. i know in time that we had found out about Feline leukemia. And it could be hereditary. My mom had a cat with that condition.

It seems so crazy now that animals can have all the same diseases that we have. i guess we always thought animals were amine to such things. I remember back in the day when we were told if a pet licked our wounds, it was a good thing, and it would get better.guess that was a myth.

Never the less I had to put my Lucy down, on , May 4th, 2014.

I am missing her so much. I was able to take her home, and bury her in my backyard. My family was with me, and it was a great comfort to me. we all talked about Lucy, and told stories, and my grandkids made me laugh a bit. And they sang songs for Lucy. Which I thought was really special!

I can't even begin to tell you about the life of Lucy! She was just so special! She was so quiet, she never scratched furniture, she was so neat in her litter box, she loved laying at the end of my bed, and if I got up to go potty ,she went with me. She always greeted me at the door when I came home. Lucy was never very vocal, she said everything with her eyes and mannerisms. She really did not like to be held, but loved to be petted, and she would Purrr..And she loved her corner of the bed... Oh and how she loved Her 'treaty treats".I would give her at least 10 or more at a time, everyday. I could never replace a wonderful kitty as my Lucy.And I say that with all my heart, never had I ever had such a connection with a pet, than with my Lucy.

I buried her in my yard under the Lilac bushes, and I planted a Bleeding Heart Bush on her grave, and circled it with stones..

I hope she will be at peace now. And that she is happy in Pet Heaven . Frolicking about in the sunshine and rainbows!! And I hope that I will see her again when I go in my my time. We will again play with all our toys, and maybe I will crumple up some paper and toss it to you Lucy. She loved playing with crumpled paper balls.

I Love you Lucy Bell, gone to the blue skies above, but never forgotten.

This is just my little Tribute to my Beloved Lucy Bell

Hugs And Kisses Lucy Bell!!

We All Will Miss You..

Lucy with April my bird.
Lucy with April my bird.


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