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A Tribute To My Pet Family-Timmy & Jasmine

Updated on August 4, 2017

Timmy & Jasmine

 My Timmy was born on May 1, 1994, he was purchased at a mall pet store. My son James wanted a little dog so bad, that he convinced me to buy this Yorkie-pooh. However, my husband had told us that we could not have a dog, in the apartment and we should wait until we had a house. My son, James was very bright at his young age, and thought if he named the puppy Timmy, which was the name of a beloved pet that his father had once, his father would be happy about the secret arrival.

The Plan Backfired

Little Timmy was home, with little James, and when his father arrived he was not happy. A few weeks later, Jame's father was sitting in his chair watching the news, and Timmy was sitting next to the chair. Both James and I were watching when we saw Jame's fathers left hand extend to the floor and pet Timmy. The two never separated again, after that day. The real truth was that James was not the person that slept with Timmy when he cried at night, and held his paw. It was brother Justin who trained Timmy, and took care of him.

The New House

Timmy was very bright, the most affectionate pet that I ever knew. We finally had the house, and one day walking through the same mall, in the same pet store I see a 3 month old German Shepherd. She was so large that she could not move in her cage. I had to buy her and take her home. When I took her home, my husband was already there, and he just looked at this poor pet, who did not know how to walk. She became Jasmine Cay. Timmy became the boss, and Jasmine Cay was the follower. Jasmine Cay had a pancreatic disorder, and she had to have special medicine. Timmy had a dry left eye and he needed medication.


One of my sons went to college and then Timmy and Jasmine met cousin Rio. Rio is a strong, baby of a dog. They would love when he would visit and stay for a period of time. Rio was the only dog I knew that would not turn his head to look at you, only his eyes moved. To this day he always loves coming to visit me.

The Sadness

Jasmine Cay was doing well with her illness. My husband and I divorced, his choice and Jasmine Cay went to live with him. One day after a walk, Jasmine Cay went to lay down, and she was gone to heaven. That was in August of 2006. I think she passed of a broken heart, with no prior warning. I agreed for Jasmine Cay to live with my ex, because he was not well, and I knew that Jasmine Cay would force him to move around, and have to care for someone. I was right because my ex became sicker after Jasmine Cay was no longer there.

I was traveling , and Timmy always went with me. I purchased Iams pouch food, to make it easier to carry his food. I noticed some strange behavior with Timmy, and I mentioned it to my Vet. I had Timmy checked and tested, and not much was determined. I noticed Timmy acting odd, he would walk the perimeters of the house, close to the walls, frequent urination, then vomiting. I took Timmy to the emergency pet clinic on April 23, 2007, and noticed all the pets that were ill. Some pets were having seizures, owners were crying.

The emergency clinic did some testing and sent us back home. I found my Timmy on April 23, 2007 early in the morning bleeding to death. I have never recovered from the pain of that day.Timmy passed on April 23, 2007.


The Poisoned Chinese Dog Food killed my Timmy. My Timmy was 13 years old, and was in good health, he could jump and run faster than a puppy. The pouch food I bought from Iams was poison. Later on, I contacted Iams, and their response was that they would need a blood sample. They used that excuse not to be responsible for what they had caused. Iams was sued and the case is settled, but no payments have been sent to this date. There would be no money that would ease the pain of his loss.


Recently, I have been very sad about my financial state, what I have lost, the economy, the lack of jobs, the struggle. I did adopt a Yorkie that was 5 years old, Feisty, but he was so sad that he missed his owner, that I returned him to her. I moved to a apartment that did not have the memory of Timmy, one night I was asleep, and I look by the doorway, and I see Timmy, and he jumps up on the bed, and he is kissing me and letting me know that everything will be all right. I could feel his long hair, his kissing and his love.

I can not open my heart yet, to find another pet. perhaps next year.


Cousin Rio
Cousin Rio


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