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A Visit To St. Louis Zoo

Updated on October 14, 2010

St. Louis zoo is located close to downtown St. Louis. It is approximately one mile after taking 34B exit on interstate 64. Saint Louis Zoo has five thousand animals from seven hundred species. The Zoo is spanned over 90 acres.

Even though it is approximately a mile away from interstate 64, Hampton exit (34B) , because of the long weekend and the traffic on that particular day (it was Sunday on a long weekend), it took one hour to reach the Zoo after taking the exit at Hampton.

We took the Hampton exit at 3:10 pm. By the time we entered the zoo (after finding a curd side parallel parking), it was around 4:15 pm. Admission to the zoo is free (I thought there would be a small fee).

The zoo is packed with people. It was 4:15 pm and people are still coming inside the zoo. In a way that was the perfect time because they don't have to sweat walking around the zoo like in the afternoon.

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ElephantCheetahLeopardCamelWhite DeerGorillaPenguinTigerTwo MonkeysGiraffe
White Deer
White Deer
Two Monkeys
Two Monkeys

As soon we entered inside the Zoo, we saw Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop on the left. We bought ice creams and headed toward rivers edge to see Elephants, Hippos, Cheetahs etc. The first big animal we came cross was a Hippo. They were swimming in the water along with fish (don’t know what type of fish it is). The water was separated with a think glass so that people can see the Hippos when they go into the water. The water is muddy mixed with hippo's waste.

Later we moved on to Cheetahs. There are two of them one is lying on the ground and the other one was looking at the people. I guess they got used to sleeping even while people are talking and making noises. We saw many elephants strolling along and eating dried grass. Don't know their age, but some looked old.

Later we headed towards historic hill where monkeys, snakes etc. are held. We saw many types of snakes but the one which caught my eye is the Burmese python. It is huge, looked heavy and scary to look at. Read that it could grow up to 22 feet, even though the average length of Burmese python is 18 feet.

In Red Rocks, we saw Tiger, Lions, Jaguar, Leopard, Camel, White Deer, Kangaroo, Giraffe etc.

Tiger was walking back and forth on one foot wide concrete wall separating a deep pit. Lions both male and female were sleeping and we didn't get to see them closely.

We zoomed through the bird watching area to the Gorilla cave. There were three Gorillas sitting at three different locations. They must have been tired as it was end of the day. They looked and acted pretty close to the humans.

We couldn’t find where the Penguins were, so we had to ask a zoo attendant about them. He guided us in proper direction, so we reached them very quickly. I thought they would be like the ones I saw in Happy Feet movie, but they were small in size.

By the time we got out of the Zoo, it was 7:30 pm. Zoo closes at 7:00 pm during the weekend, but people stayed inside for some time as it wasn’t dark yet.

Overall our visit to St. Louis zoo was memorable and everybody enjoyed it a lot. Share your thoughts on visiting Zoo and any experiences you had during your visit in the comments section below.


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