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How to Improve your Dog Walking Experience

Updated on March 11, 2012

The collar of all collars

Walking my 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab Linus used to be a chore I'd leave to my husband. It was a miserable experience. He would try to lead the walk tugging constantly on the leash. Not to mention if anyone passed us, a jogger, walker, another dog, a bus etc, etc... he would bark uncontrollabley, practically pull your arm out of its socket and he sometimes slipped out of his collar. We tried repeatedly to train him to walk at our side but could not get through to him.

Many times Linus had to stay home when I took my daughter out for a walk. Based on his behavior I couldn't trust that he would behave and her safety is more important then his walk.

One afternoon I was discussing his bad behavior with some co-workers and they told me about the Halti Collar. One co-worker used their head collar and another the harness. Both of them swore by it and said it changed their walking experience. At my wits end I looked it up on line and purchased one. I bought a size 3 head collar for my size dog. Well let me tell you the very first time we used it, it was like we had a new dog. He didn't bark or pull at all! It was and is amazing. I couldn't believe the transformation. I'm so happy with the results and now Linus comes for a walk with us whenever we go out. I have not worries about it at all. If another walker passes with a dog(s) that starts barking Linus does get excited and pulls a bit but he is so easily controlled by the Halti. Other than that he is not phased by anything and walks cheerfully by my side.

If you have trouble with a dog who pulls on the leash I highly recommend you try this. I bought mine on but you can get it from Amazon as well (see below).

Hope this helps. It was fantastic for our family.

The Halti Head Collar (size depends on your breed)


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