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A Day In The life Of Jack The White English Bull Terrier

Updated on October 6, 2014

Jack The Bull Terrier On Guard

Soon the new family members would be here and Jessie the snow white English bull terrier was now reluctant to move far from the chosen room she had decided on. It was little Johnnies bedroom.

Of all the family members Johnnie was her favourite and that was the room her pups would be born into. As she returned from her short trip, into the back garden-just to check all was well with baby Claire and that Jack was kept in his place.

She had started to do this lately by giving a short deep throated low growl whenever Jack looked at her, then he would put his head on one side and give that long questioning glance of his as though saying 'Oops- what have I done now girl' ?

Flo and Fred thought it hilarious but Jack didn't get it.

Jack was also a snow white English Bull Terrier. Jack was in his prime. He was full of muscle and loved a good battle. He wasn't a trouble causer but neither would he be pushed around. He enjoyed his work which was to guard the children.

The boy Johnnie was six years old and his sister Claire was a baby still in a pram. The children's mother was Flo who was a very vibrant woman she was married to Fred who was a building worker.

During the summer days Flo would put baby Claire out in the fresh air for her morning sleep and Johnnie would be at school.

The days of rationing were tough days for the residents of Manchester and today as usual Flo would rack her brains as to what she would be able to conjour up for her family's meal.

On this particular day Flo had put all the washing on the line and Claire was sleeping soundly in the comfy coach built pram ,lulled into sleep, as if by magic, as the young child had watched the washing waving gently in a most delicate breeze. Safe in the same coach -built pram ,that had been Johnnies, with Jack conscientiously guarding the sleeping child as he had done when Johnnie was a baby.

Woe betide anyone who ventured near that pram. He would be only too pleased to caution them by 'setting' them ! in his 'dogged' Bull terrier fashion.

After the washing was left blowing in the gentle breeze Flo marched out of the house with the precious rationbook held tightly in her hand along with her shopping bag and wheeled the pram with Claire still sleeping, to the local butchers shop ,with Jack trotting firmly alongside her.

When Flo reached the butchers shop she was soon in conversation with the other shoppers as the queue was very long with 100 or more people in it.

After a while a disturbance brought the people in the queue back from their chatter. They were astonished to see the butcher in his striped apron and white hat with a very red face(usually caused by too much afternoon whisky) running down the cobbled street waving a cleaver madly at a white dog which was running for its life. It was carrying a huge leg of lamb and was not going to be parted from it. The butcher could be heard shouting 'who's dog is it'?

Flo smartly turned the pram handles and briskly left the queue and without a word to anyone made her way home.

At home she repeatedly banged on the window shouting 'Fred,Fred, let me in.'

Fred quickly grasped the situation and went to the back door ,where their back garden met the fields of Heaton Park.

He didn't have to go far. In the garden,by the washing line, Fred and Flo were astonished to see the dog covering over, what had been, a large hole. When whistled Jack came running up to them and sat almost grinning at them in pride ,with soil and a touch of red ,covering his snow white paws ,which he was offering to them in turn.

'Well, that was a good feast Flo' said Henry and friends, the next day.. 'Now don't forget when the pups are born we want the biggest one. we'll expect Jack to train him in the art of visiting the butchers shop'.


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      Virginia 3 years ago

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    • jandee profile image

      jandee 7 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Thanks for that Tony !Good to sometimes have a lighter mood isn't it,best from m.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      That was hilarious, Maxine, simply hilarious! Thanks for the belly-laugh (which I had to smother as the family is sound asleep!).

      Love and peace