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A Guide to Owning and Dealing With a Spoiled Pit-Bull

Updated on December 15, 2016

So you've invested your heart in the best group of breeds ever, and guess what? That dog has invested itself in you! Pits are the most human obsessed breeds out there, they will roll over and die for their people any time of the day. This personality makes them oh so easy to spoil, and the owners (us!) get to deal with what we've done!

Is your bed no longer really yours? Is covering up with your blanket and invitation for a guest? Can you not kiss your loved ones without a crazed pit bull trying to get in on the love to? Is it a hassle to just get your dog out of the house to have some alone time with your spouse? Well then you might have a spoiled pit!

Step One: Pit Proofing your Belongings!

Pits have amazing energy. Most the breeds under this category of dogs are terriers (pit bull terriers, staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, etc) which means a lot. They will be all over the place without the propper amount of excersize, they will get obese if not taken care of correctly and go absolutely bonkers if you don't give them enough attention. So let's start with the basics. Making it where your home and yard will not get murdered by your pooch.

Let's start inside. Take a look at your coffee tables and end tables, make sure that there's no easy to knock lamps or vases. Pits are powerhouses and will knock into anything without a second's thought. I've seen a pit run straight into a piano and keep running like she didn't just get a concussion. You prized lamp is not going to last a week! Move anything breakable out of tail, nose, and flying pit bull reach. These pooches are amazing jumpers and will jump over that coffee table if they want on the couch with you just that badly.

Tip number one! Your space, is their space. If your on the couch, they are, if your in bed, they are. Trying to cook in the kitchen? Well your little brick house is going to be there drooling just hoping some of that bacon grease will pop their way. Make sure that this doesn't mean danger for your pet!

Watch those sharp corners, pits aren't the most graceful of dogs and they will whip around corners like a bat out of hell and probably smash into your belongings. You can pick up the little corner covers for sharp edges of night stands at any baby store.

Don't leave anything like a heated blanket or heating pad plugged in. Pits are smart and when their spoiled they know what these things mean. Something nice and warm to lie down on, and something that is worth a game of tug of war to keep from their humans! Unfortunately these have electronics, which is a huge no no for slobber face over there.

Make sure that there's always toys around your house while your gone, don't clean up before you leave, dump the toy basket before you leave. I have had two different doors in the same amount of years turn into a chew toy because I left a spoiled pitty alone with no outlet for energy. Don't kid yourself on just how much your pitty wants to play. You've raised them to crave attention, now live with it.

Make sure there's no food or small animals anywhere within climbing reach, this means on tables, or anything else that might have a nice chair staircase to get to. They will find a way! I want to stress small animals again! Amazing how mice sound like squeeky toys. Do not underestimate a dog and his desire for the squeeky toy!

Open doors! If there is a room your pit usually is allowed in, which if they're spoiled, its all of them, leave those doors open when you are not home! Your baby will be looking everywhere for you after you leave and that closed door might just turn into half a closed door if they get to frantic in their search for you.

Don't invest in expensive blinds, your baby wants to see where you are going and why you would be leaving them. They also will rip those blinds apart if any of those little chipmunk intruders dares to hurt you!

On the note of when you leave, leave on a radio. If your spoiled pup gets a little to anxious that his beloved owner isn't home, he will relax a little by hearing the music. Less noises outside to set him off worrying too!

Forget the fancy step on garbage can that makes the lid open, your pit is spoiled enough, she/he has probably seen you drop some of those wonderful scraps in there enough to be able to figure it out. Never underestimate a spoiled dogs' sneakiness.

Next, the yard! Make sure you have a sturdy fence! If you're in an area of the yard that your dog cannot reach, they will go through any stretch of attempt to reach you. Make sure its strong and tall. There's pits out there that can leap over 10 foot fences if they have enough will power to get over. Going for a security fence is always a good option. Never get a cheap wooden fence, I've seen a desperate to get to the owner pit rip those slats right off.

Now, since your pit is spoiled, I know you have the propper pit gear for outside! If its warm, always have a pool outside. You will be surprised how much your pooch will enjoy the water, and it might just give you a little alone time from your four-legged buddy.

A dog door isn't a bad idea, with a dog that's as spoiled as your's you shouldn't have to worry about them getting outside in time, or scratching up your door to get out where the evil chipmunks are.

Toys are a must outside! You will have a yard that looks like a whack-a-mole set if you dont listen to this rule. A great option, to any spoiled pooches playset, is a Boing.

These are easy to make and your spoiled pooch will love you more. Just a rope and a spring or bungie cord set up. Hang it from a tree, pole, anything. Your dog can jump on up (which they will) and play tug of war with an unmoving object for hours. You wont have to worry about your dog pulling you down to the ground with it in that life or death fight for the purple rabbit toy.

Don't forget to get that wonderful "Beware of Pitbull - Tongue is Deadly" Sign posted on your fence! Smile, you know it's true.

Step Two: Keeping your Brick House Healthy

Pits have amazing metabolism and you need to account for that. We all love to give our pooches these wonderful dog treats, but you want to be careful on how much of what you really give them. Stay away from things like Greenies, those are meant for dogs with lower metabolism, something they don't really tell you on the package. Those things will go in one end and out in a very not easy to clean up way out the other end.

Actually, just avoid any of these treats! Pig ears, rawhide, small bones (real or nylabone). Your pooch will swallow them in a few bites, and this can cause a lot of medical problems, you don't want you pitty to go through that! I've even seen my girl swallow a whole pork chop once.

You want to stick with any of the high protein foods, and your pit will be a much happier dog without the extra baggage. Their bodies are meant to break down things like protein. The protein content of dog food is listed on the back, check it out and make sure that its around 17g. If your dog has alergies and you need to raw feed them, avoid a lot of the green vegitables in their food! No canned veggies, period!

Try this if your on a raw diet. Cow kidney and heart, gives a great mixture of the meats and the different oxidents you need them to take in on a daily basis. Do not cook the meat! Dogs actually process raw meat much better if their on this kind of a diet. Add in some cooked carrots and crushed/flavored vitamins. Great diet for your spoiled pit to live a happy life. With a raw diet you want to feed twice a day, in the morning and night! If your thinking about making a healthier decisions for your pooch, here's a hub I love about raw feeding. 

It's great to look at your pet and see that their happy, spoiled and healthy, but the only problem with a healthy spoiled pit is that there's not much fat to keep them cozy in the winter. Make sure that they aren't stuck outside for long periods of time, they don't have much insulation, that is if your spoiled girl/boy doesn't have a few extra pounds insulating them! This is the only excusable time to dress your spoiled bully! There's pit friendly sizes in a lot of the the pet coat sections. Try Harley-Davidson, they tend to aim for the bigger breeds, plus it reminds them their a big tough goof.

Here's a bit of unfortunate advice. Make sure your pup is up to date on shots! People are predjudice and unfortunately if something is ever to happen where another dog is involved in a scuffle with your pup, you don't need them taking your family member away because her shots aren't UTD.

If your pooch is getting over weight, take care of the problem! Pits have one big health problem and that is joints. If you don't watch their weight, you will have a much shorter time with your baby then you planned. Try getting a weighted backpack for your pup to walk around with, it will help it get more excersize.

Step Three: Living and Loving with the Best Breeds

So your pitty is spoiled, and you have a little brick house that sleeps with you every night. They're your world and you and that tennis ball over there on the couch is theirs. You have a companion that will never let you down. Sure, there's ways to change the way they act.To retrain them. To make them into the standard of a perfect dog.

If anything your spoiled pit does offends you, it's easy to fix it. Pits are known as the most human orientated breeds for a reason. They will do anything to please their people. That's why they are used for things like fighting. Anything to make their owner happy, even if it means the end of theirs. All it takes is some training, for both us people and the dog, to get them to stop some of those nasty habbits.

But then again, if your pup is spoiled, it means its the way that you want it. At least most of the times. Your bed would be lonlier, your hamock less comfy, without them.

There's those times that the crazy little beasties get under your skin and you want to change the dog you love so much But when that time comes, just look at that big tongue lolling smile and smile back. Throw a blanket over their heads and wrestle them for it for a while. You'll forget whatever little spoiled thing got you upset in the first place.

Enjoy the dog breath from the furry head sharing your pillow in the morning. That dog is there for you no matter what, without judgement or care. That dog will be there for you no matter what. Loose your job? Loose your mother? Loose your home? He's there, wagging his whole body the second he sees you, lifting those fly ears up from his head in hopes for a scratch. Always loving.

Pay the love back and give 'em a break. Only a pitbull would love you enough to make sure that your face was always wet with their slobber and shins always bruised by a wagging tail.

So what if you can't have the good china out on display? You have a four legged companion for life.


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    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 

      9 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Enjoyed the hub, we have a love bug half pit. They are great companions as long as you can deal with all that attention. Ours has already made a peephole in the blinds so she can watch for our return. Pity idiot owners have got them a bad rap.

    • Mud Dog profile imageAUTHOR

      Mud Dog 

      9 years ago from West Chicago IL

      have you had the two dogs for awhile, as in did they grow up together? Dogs fighting is always a risk, no matter the breed. Where the dog came from is something that you need to think about as you go forward. If one of them came from a shadier owner that could have used them for fighting or anything like that, be a bit more wary.

      My main advice to you is to read up on Body Language. Watch your dogs while they interact and and try not to leave them alone where you aren't near by, especially in situations that involve food or toys.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      We have 2 male pits and im worried that they will fight eachother, how can i stop this?

    • Mud Dog profile imageAUTHOR

      Mud Dog 

      9 years ago from West Chicago IL

      Thanks Eternal! And don't worry, a spoiled pit is the best kind! :) These are dogs that make our worlds go round and they will never fail us to make sure life stays interesting, and to make sure that there's someone there by your side when things get tough.

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 

      9 years ago from kentucky

      It's official i have a spoiled pit lol. Ours is 9 months old and his name is Bowser. He is so goofy and nothing more than a big love monster. I enjoyed your hub, nicely done, and the pic is adorable.

    • Mud Dog profile imageAUTHOR

      Mud Dog 

      10 years ago from West Chicago IL

      Cute! Our girl doesn't care if she's just napping, she will go into the bedroom and lay down on the bed if she feels like it. I've come home on lunch break before to find the dog still in bed from the night before!

      She's a clever one! She's an English Staffy so a bit pint sized. She knows how to cover herself up, and if you're hogging those blankets she will nose you to death until you untangle yourself from them. She's an evil little pit bull!

    • Whitney05 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      Cute hub... I'd also watch out for dents in the walls. I know when growing up, my APBT didn't know how to stop running, so she used our walls to stop her. She used her head to stop herself; it was always funny to watch. She's crazy spoiled, though; she sits and whines at the couch when she's tired, wanting someone to lay down with her. She won't take a nap without someone laying with her unless she's absolutely exhausted.

      The APBT I had before her would cry for us to cover him up; and then wait a while before crying again, wanting the light shut off so he could sleep.


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