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A real chicken Story

Updated on April 22, 2015

Hen And Cock

A real Chicken Story

It is a common practice in the East that people used to keep chickens in their homes as pets and In this way, chickens provide dual benefits; first, they are source of joy and pleasure for the children, and secondly, after few months hens started laying eggs, which people get at a very little cost.

In our life, we used to keep chickens on number of occasions. But, the chickens, I am about to tell were very special. Their peculiar habits, their love for each other and their behaviour was much different from common chickens. Despite the fact that it is matter of about 30 years old, memories of those chickens are still fresh in my heart.

This is a real chicken story. We were five sisters and brothers. So, our father brought five small chickens so that we all five sisters and brothers could play with them. They were just 6/7 days old. We tried our best to protect them from harsh weather, cats and kites but out of those five only two could survive.

After six odd months they turned into a beautiful pair of two white hen and a cock. Soon, the hen started laying eggs. They both had great love for each other. Cock never touched the feed until and unless hen did not start taking feed. If the feed is first brought before cock, he used to call the hen in its particular way and only start taking feed after the arrival of hen. Even otherwise, Cock was very gentle with his love and used to take care her on all the occasions.`

Cock had also developed another very interesting habit. We gave him uncooked mince. So, whenever, someone wanted to come to see us, first requested us to keep our cock in the basket. This was for the reason that our cock used to bite the guests, especially, ladies in colorful dresses. His beak was so sharp that the guests got hurt to some extent.

But, on an unfortunate day our cock became sick and ultimately died. After is death, the hen stopped laying eggs. We tried to replace this cock with another one but of no avail. Even on the first day, the hen attacked the new cock and injured him seriously. Other attempts to undo her loneliness also remained infertile. The hen was very loyal to her first love. She was not ready, at any cost, to accept anyone else in place of her first love.

In these circumstances, the hen became useless for us. So our parents decided to slaughter and send her to her only love. I hope that those two loving souls are now enjoying the company of each other in the heavens.

Thereafter I tried many a times to keep the pair of chickens but no such like incidence has occurred ever. But one thing that I have noticed is that the most important relationship for the animals and birds the relationship of spouse. Their relationship is till the end of ones life. They even don't like to share their relationship with their babies who are beaten after the time they become independent.


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    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      Oh my what a sad but heartfelt story...I have six chickens..I love them..they have been giving us wonderful eggs for a couple months now..I don't have a rooster as I am kind of scared of them..but the chickens are beautiful and very sweet..Thank you for a great hub