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How to integrate lessons about orioles in the teaching-learning process

Updated on February 26, 2014

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Orioles and other birds have no significance

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oriole nest and eggs
oriole nest and eggs

A. Objectives

A. OBJECTIVES: After reading, pupils can:

1) tell how many species of orioles are there;

2) tell where in the world orioles are found;

3) explain where orioles live, their habitats;

4) tell & differentiate colors of orioles; males from females;

5) tell kinds of oriole nests and how they build them;

6) tell size, shape, color and number of eggs;

7) tell how orioles hatch and take care of their youngs and;

8) describe food they eat; how they get them.

B. Materials

Videos, colorful pictures of orioles, books, magazines, etc.

C. Content

Orioles - Species of true orioles (URL here)

D. Content


  • 1) Let pupils participate in the hanging or posting of pictures of orioles in the bulletin board;
  • 2) Video showing about orioles;
  • 3) Letting a pupil tell something to the class about his experience with birds



  • 1) Print enough copies of content if not found in the basic text;
  • 2) Teach or recall standards for silent reading;
  • 3) Let pupils recite or recall the guide questions to be answered during the oral reading phase.

For this particular subject matter, the guide questions are simplified this way:

  • a) How many species of orioles are there?;
  • b) In what places on earth can we find orioles?;
  • c) Where do they live?
  • d) What are the colors of orioles?;
  • e) Do orioles lay eggs? How? Where?
  • f) What food do they eat? Do they like ice cream? Do they drink coke?

Silent Reading Proper. Teacher observes.


  • 1) Teach or recall standards for oral reading;
  • 2) Let a good reader do the oral reading with the rest of the class listening and following the reader on their own books/materials;
  • 3) Answering the questions orally. As much as possible, try to develop the habit of letting pupils say the answers in their own words or vocabulary

E. Enrichment activities

[Best done during Saturday] :

1) Visit or trip to a place where birds are, aviary, etc. to watch, observe and note down observation; reading or reciting related poems,

2) Making a scrapbook with a drawing or picture of an oriole complete with a caption; Teacher collects the scrapbook and rate them accordingly.

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