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About The Arowana Fish

Updated on April 22, 2013

Arowana Fish, at times termed dragon fish is among the good choice for people that aim at something great. Varieties of Arowana fish differs in sizes and a number can grow to up to as long as 4 feet or 120 cm. These fishes can be aggressive, but they can be tamed as they age – they will eat from what you hold in your fingers, than exactly your fingers. The Arowana Fish originated from the prehistoric origins of Jurassic.

The Arowana Fish are carnivorous. They generally eat anything they like feeding on. The younger ones may be given live or frozen salt water shrimp, blackworms, or even smaller types of fishes. As it grows older, larger sized fishes can be fed on them. Young Arowana fish must be fed for about thrice daily, while medium ones twice a day. Adult Arowana fish can be fed every other day. Like most fishes, variation in what to feed with the Arowana fish is important to ensure a healthy meal pattern and nutrition.

Varieties of Arowana Fish

The different varieties of Arowana fish are basically based on the color – Gold, Red, Silver and Green Asians. The Green Asians are usually mistaken for the South American Silvers.


Eating patterns of Arowana fish can be producing lots of waste. Thus, it is important to consider the condition of the water supply in the aquarium. The water condition should have enough supply of Nitrate, Ammonia, and Nitrite. Changing ¼ to 1/3 of the tank’s water supply every week is recommended. A better option would be changing 1/5 parts of it twice weekly. The maintenance of neutral pH should be kept. Attention should be given to the temperature and range of pH because too much warmth can cause them to age faster, become less Arowana-looking and probably cause them to die earlier. A colder environment may also kill them.


Usually, a high-quality hale and hearty Arowana Fish can develop to be at the very least 60 to 75 cm (24-30 inches). A number of Arowana fish varieties can turn out to 120 cm (48 inches) when they are untamed and undomesticated. They can be violent which can mean that they are absolutely not good quality community fishes. The Arowana fish can every now and then be best set aside unaccompanied in a tank or an aquarium. Keep in mind that other smaller fishes in the tank may turn into their banquet.

The Arowana fish frequently go swimming until it reaches the top part of the tank or aquarium, and they are able to jump off from the tank or aquarium. Make sure it is well enclosed to steer clear of coming home to a dead pet. The Silver Arowana Fish that are in the wild are known to be capable of jumping at insects that are on trees.

Life Span

An Arowana fish can live for numerous years, if it is well taken care of. It can live for more that 2 decades if held captive. If an aquarium is kept towards the low end, the Arowana fish can look younger than what it exactly is.

The Beautiful Arowana Fish

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    • Florida Guy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Yes. They are wonderfuls pets, aren't they? Glad you liked my post!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      yes the description are based on exactly what my arwanas in my pond do.



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