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About The Somali Cat Personality

Updated on February 2, 2014

The Somali Cat

The Somali Cat is a long haired, witty and very playful breed. It is a mutation from the Abyssinian cat. One distinct feature of this cat is their tail. Many find them fun and very attractive due to its fur. They are the ones most cat lovers would want to have with them not only for their attractive colors but also for their wit.

Somali Cats


Somali Cat Appearance

At a first glance, these cats are mostly mistaken for a fox due to its hairy tail. This cat learns very fast and can be very teachable. They are the loner type but are very loyal to whom they have created a bond with. Playful and athletic would be a suitable description for this cat due to having its sized body and its jumping techniques. It is also known for its grace, flexibility and alertness. It is very quick so better not miss an eye off them.

Somali Cat Roots

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The Somali Cat is descended from the Abyssinian cat, who's origins are believed to be in Ethiopia.

Cute Somali Cats!


The Somali Cats’ Personality

Aside from having all these positive physical attributes, the Somali Cat is also known for its personality. Unlike the normal cat, the most usual personality of this cat would be its playfulness and being loving. Having this cat at your home is great because these cats show lots of positive gestures towards their owners. They love to play and enjoy so much being with kids for that matter. Better not leave these cats at cold places for they are the warm loving type of cat. They don’t shred off much hair compared to other cats.

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Consider a Somali Cat for a Pet

If you think that a dog is a man’s best friend, better try having this cat on. They can be the best friend you were searching for all this time. They are always on the go anywhere with you and to play games with you. They are the best partner and can be very gentle so you need not have to worry when your kids play with them. They are wonderful to have in a family as a pet not only for their being a homebody cat but also because they would make everyone happy and would always want to be with you in whatever you are doing, which would also be annoying for some.

One personality this cat has is being not a loner; it needs to have a company. These cats need time and care from their owners. So when the owner would leave, he should be sure ready when he gets back home for this cat might leave your home a mess. They can be the runner type and for some be the best enemy for they would play around the backyard and mess things up along the way.

Somali Cats – The Tranquil Type of Pet

Among the cats I heard or known of, none would compare to this cat’s loving personality and if I may add more, this cat is the pleasing type. Compared to a dog or other cats, this will always make you sleep soundly at night due to its being the quiet. Try having a bond with this cat and surely you will not regret having it at your home.

Adorable Breed of Cat!


A Somali Cat Looking at the Mirror

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    • Florida Guy profile image

      Chen 6 years ago

      Glad you liked my hub BkCreative and Chatkath!

    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      I think I saw at a cat show last year, they are very unusual and quite beautiful cats if it's the same one.... very interesting hub, me and my love for cats ^=^....voted up and awesome!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      What a beauty - what a tail. And thanks for the video. Love the kitty kats!

      Rated up.