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Adopting a Ragdoll Kitten

Updated on October 23, 2014

It's A Girl!


Our First Adoption

My husband and I are in the process of adopting our first Ragdoll kitten. It’s been a long time coming as I have always wanted one since the first time I saw one many years ago at a cat show.

Ragdolls are gentle, calm, quiet, affectionate, yet alert they love to play. They are very intelligent.

They have the most gorgeous blue eyes and adding to its cuddliness are its unique characteristics of going limp in your arms when you pick it up and its unusual, plush, silky, non-matting fur, thick feathers, and a fluffy fat tail, not to mention the furry, large, loose fatty pendant on the abdomen. And, of course, there are tuffs in the ears and between the toes!

Males can weigh between 17lbs & 20lbs and females 11lbs to 13lbs.

Due to their temperament, they are not outdoors cats. They won’t defend themselves in a fight because they don’t have that instinct to do so.




Our precious baby will come nurtured. I’m 99% sure we’re getting a male, and we will be naming him Milo if by some chance, we get a girl, she will be Willow

I’m pleased we are getting a five year health guarantee that we will be getting with our new addition to our family. Many Ragdoll cattery’s don’t allow owners to declaw their cats, and you must sign stating you will never do it.

Cuddly, Love-able Bundle of Fur


In my experience male, cats are the most loving. However, it doesn’t matter with Ragdolls they are all loving and want to be petted and snuggled.

They want to be with you all the time. Ragdolls will be at the door to greet you when you come home. They love to have their chins scratched, and their bellies rubbed. They love to sleep stretched out on their backs with the back legs wide apart.

An interesting fact about Ragdolls has to be that they are born white. Ragdolls are pointed color cats with darker color on the ears, face and tail.

The main color of a Ragdoll is cream and or white. My favorite is the cream with the darker points.

Once I get a picture of our new bundle of joy I'll upload it for everyone to see.



Our Willow

Bundle of Joy

We will get our bundle of joy Nov 15th we can't wait!


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