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Advanced Pets To Own: Exotics

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Brittany Banks loves animals. She has experience with this type of animal and likes to share how to take care of it.


Exotic pets are a fun species to own. They are awesome and unique in several ways. Each one has certain care, so please do your research before owning an exotic animal. In this article, I am going to explain the most common exotic pets to own and the pros and cons to owning one. I suggest you find a beginner pet to own before you own one of the "advanced" pets. These types of animals are the kind you would own after owning one of the basic pets. Let's going on to talk about which ones I believe are more advanced to own.



Ah, yes, the prickly cute and awesome pet to own. Hedgehogs are awesome and they will bond to you. They grow very attached to their owners once you spend some time with them. This could take a long time for them to get used to you. Yes, they are prickly and will poke you. When a hedgehog gets mad, they will curl up into a spiky ball. These quills do hurt, but they don't "shoot" at you. This is a myth and owners and keepers have no idea where the idea came from. If you can get over being poked, than this is the exotic pet to own.


- Can bond to you.

- They do like to play with toys like toilet paper tubes.

- They are entertaining.

- Some do like to be held.

- They have great personalities.


- You will get poked and it can hurt.

- They do roll in a wheel and will poop in it every night.

- They have to stay warm or they will go into hibernation and may or may not live.

- You have to clip their nails.

- They do require baths.

- They sleep at night. This could be a bad thing or a good thing for you.



Ferrets are known for their stickiness. The stench actually comes from their poop and they do have a scent gland which is usually removed at a young age. If you give them baths every two weeks and clean up their poop, they don't stink that bad. What's also really cool is they do like to have a friend, so you can have more than one. If you decide to get more than one, make sure they are from the same litter and the same sex. They are very fun animals and love to play and be entertained all the time.


- Will bond to you.

- Are entertaining.

- They will cuddle with you.

- You can own more than one.

- Can be litter trained.


- They do poop a lot and it will stink.

- They will sleep periodically through out the day.

- They will chew on everything. You will need to find an area where you can have a playpen.

- They can bite.

- You need to clip their nails.


Sugar Gliders

These cuties are adorable and do love to communicate. If you aren't bonded to them, they can get very vocal and loud and will let you know if they like you or not. They like to be together with other sugar gliders, so you would have to get more than one. If you do decide to get more than one, make sure they are from the same litter. Also make sure they are the same sex, unless you want to breed. These cuties will also eat a variety of food that you most likely will have in your house like meat, vegetables, and fruit.


- Very adorable and entertaining.

- They will bond to you. People make pouches to carry their sugar gliders with them everywhere.

- You can have more than one.

- They are cheap to feed.

- They can live a long time.


- They require a large cage which can be expensive.

- They can make some strange noises which can scare you.

- They can get sick easily.

- They can be expensive to adopt or purchase.

Which of these exotic pets do you own or want to own?

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© 2017 Brittany Banks


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    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      exotic pets are not sold here


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