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Advantage: flea remedy for dogs

Updated on March 14, 2011

Don't pass the fleas, please...


Give him relief in 5 minutes!


If your dog is itching and scratching, very likely it is that time of the year again: flea season! Even though fleas really can thrive indoors during any time of the year, they are mostly seen from spring to late summer when they are likely to bounce from dog to dog in flea infested areas.

Fortunately, there are very good flea control products available to the rescue! A great product that has received great success for many years and is veterinarian recommended is produced by Bayer and is called Advantage. This product is sold at vet offices and comes in different colored packages that go by the pet's weight. Each package contains from 4 to 6 vials of liquid flea control product.

The great Advantage (pun intended!) of Advantage is that it kills fleas quickly, usually within an hour. All you need to do is open the package take the the cap off and carefully pour its liquid contents in between the dog's shoulder blades or along the dog's back. Your dog's weight will determine which application you should follow. Follow the directions provided in the package accordingly.

After the first application your dog should get relief within 5 minutes. How's that for a miracle cure? Then all you do is wait for next month.

But how did that happen? The miracle ingredient is called Imidacloprid. This active ingredient causes fleas to become paralyzed, thus will stop them from biting within 5 minutes and then the flea will subsequently die. Advantage will also take care of those fleas about to produce eggs and will kill larvae, so no other flea product will be necessary.

Advantage is sold in veterinary offices, but can also be bought online or through mail order.

Fleas can be pretty bothersome bugs that can quickly infest even the cleanest homes.

They often like to hitch-hike people by jumping on clothing, shoes and ankles, getting a convenient ride to your home and then subsequently on your pet. They can then cause annoying itching and biting along with a severe allergy reaction called flea dermatitis.

In this case the dog is allergic to the flea's saliva and will develop a lot of tiny sores that can become infected.

Another concern associated with fleas are tapeworms. Fleas are their intermediate host so if your dog accidentally ingests an infected flea while grooming himself, he will likely get tapeworms. Tapeworms resemble small white grains of rice and are often found on the dog's stool or near his rectum. A dewormer will get rid of the tapeworms and Advantage will effectively kill the fleas.

So there are many advantages in using Advantage flea control products, just the name should prompt you to ask your vet about it, your dog will appreciate it and will very likely thank you within five minutes!


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