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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Two Dogs Of Same Age

Updated on March 1, 2011

It’s not uncommon for dog lovers to consider more than one dog. Here I would like to share my experience as a proud owner of two Dachshunds. My dogs are brothers from the same litter, now two years old. Dachshunds have complex character and are not easy to handle, so my experience is not necessarily applicable to other breeds. Either way, I hope everyone considering having two dogs will find something useful here.



A companion. It is great for a dog to have a companion, especially if he is left alone frequently. My dogs are real pals. They sleep together, run together side by side and become very anxious if one of them is missing. As puppies they got used to new environment easier, because of support from each other that they felt.  Moreover it is good for a dog to have a companion of his own species. No human will be able to run as much as a dog, participate in bite games and barking.


A dog for him and her. Dogs tend to choose one master, but if you have two of them it’s very likely for each of them to choose a master of his own. Since I have my dogs together with my partner, each of us has a dog and each of the dogs has its own master. Although they are friendly with both of us, but one is my little tail and the other constantly resides in my boyfriend’s guitar case while watching him play.

Cute. I know it’s not much of an argument, but I believe passionate dog lovers will agree on that. It’s just so much fun two watch them playing and have two pairs of eyes looking at you with love and devotion. Finally it is extremely interesting to observe relationship between two dogs. You can learn a lot about their natural behavior and friendship which sometimes is very inspiring.


Space.  Naturally you need more space to have more than one pet. Especially if you choose dogs of bigger breeds. Having a house with a backyard would be ideal. Being squeezed in to small room will be a problem both for dogs and for humans. A mess, bad smell and two little (or not so little) comets running around are only few to mention.

Hard to train and control. Unless you are really experienced it is extremely hard to train two dogs at a time.  It’s hard for a dog to sit still, when a threat of other one grabbing a snack first is present. The problem can be solved, if a member of a family can help to train dogs separately at home or at school.

Double leash is extremely helpful when walking two dogs


Competition. Dogs can become very competitive of each other. My dogs are endless rivals who is going to be the first to run through the door, who is the one to sit on my lap and … who will spot more flower pots. Anyway, there are cases where desire to dominate leads to serious fights with sad consequences for the weaker dog.

Divided attention. For some people it might be difficult to give equal attention and to bond with both of their pets. Bear in mind that choosing a favorite will result in big trauma for the other one. Moreover, dividing attention is a challenge not only for you, but for the dogs as well. Although my dachshunds are extremely sociable, it sometimes hard to get them involved in a game with a ball because they are busy playing with each other.


To sum up I would say, that having two dogs is a very good idea, if you are experienced dog owner and can provide enough space. If you are not an expert in dog training, or cannot dedicate enough time, but still want a double joy, it’s better to leave some age gap between the dogs. This way you will be able to train your first dog before you have another and then give more attention to a puppy. Besides, a junior will try to imitate senior dog and can learn some things without you even putting any effort. Furthermore, usually dogs of different age will not be so competitive, because puppy will naturally recognize elder dog as a leader.

What is your experience? Please share your thoughts!

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    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 5 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Useful hub and it supports my viewpoint that second dog is best brought home after the first one is trained.

    • profile image

      victor 6 years ago

      Interesting article. I really like the pics!