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Adventures With Your Dog

Updated on May 15, 2013
Argus at the Arboretum, Guelph, Ontario
Argus at the Arboretum, Guelph, Ontario | Source
Angus at Mono cliff, Ontario, Canada
Angus at Mono cliff, Ontario, Canada | Source

Summer – the time many plan a getaway. Children escape from school and adults shrug off work for a few days or weeks. Yet, where does this leave the faithful companion? Sure, you can send him or her off to Boarding School or a Doggie Day Camp. There is nothing wrong with that. You can also take the dog along to a cottage or in an RV. Yet, there is another option – Adventure Camping.

Venturing Forth

Consider this: water flows beneath your canoe as you paddle into the far reaches of the wilderness of Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Your dog sits in the canoe waiting for you to reach shore. Here, s/he joins other canines, running ahead as you and a companion pick up the canoe for a portage. This is all part of what offers as part of one of their four-season trips.

The company, operating out of Markham, Ontario, specializes in outdoor trips tailored to suit people and their dogs. From single day trips to 4-day adventures, you have a choice of where you and your favourite canine can spend quality time together. If you enjoy camping out, any form of paddling, with equipment included, this is the dog adventure for you.

Yet, Paddling Dog Adventures is not alone in offering you the chance to hit the great outdoors with your dog. You can enjoy a camping experience with your dog at several places scattered across the United States. Each offers a variety of experiences from agility to canoeing to dock training to hiking to swimming. Some specialize in helping you rediscover dog communication skills. Others help you learn new methods of training and healing. All offer you an excellent chance to be with your pet.

Among the better known Dog Adventures or Camps are:

  • Blue Sky Dogs, New York
  • Camp Dogwood, Ingleside, Ill.
  • Camp Fideaux, Sun Valley
  • Camp Gone to the Dogs, Stowe and Marlboro, Vt.
  • Camp Unleashed, Asheville, N.C., Berkshires, Mass., and Sequoia, Calif.
  • Camp Winnaribbun, Stateline, Lake Tahoe, Nev.
  • Canine Club Getaway, Lake George, N.Y.
  • Dog Scouts of America, St. Helen, Mich.
  • Happy Tails Daycamp for Dogs, Fennville, Mich
  • Maian Meadows Dog Camp, Lake Wenatchee, Wash.

What to Ask

Before signing on, you need to consider two important aspects. You must above all, be honest about your dog. Whether you plan to “ruff it” in the wild or take part in an urban setting hike, you need to evaluate your dog’s ability to handle the trip. Make sure you ask the company about any concerns you may have. You should also ask them:

  • What level of experience you and your dog need to have to make this trip successful and fun
  • What gear, food, supplies, etc, the company supplies and what are you responsible to bring
  • Are the areas crowded or free?
  • What are the rules regarding dogs on and off leash? Must a dog be on-leash at all times?
  • Will we have much free time for just the two of us?
  • How many guides to how many dog-human pairs will there be on the trip?
  • How qualified are the guides in such things as dog first aid and wilderness emergencies as well as survival training?


Going on an adventure trip with your dog can be, well, an adventure. It can result in meeting people who have similar interests. It is a further way for you and your dog to enjoy life and each other. Before you sign up, do due diligence. Research online, but also talk to the travel company BEFORE you sign up. Remember, this is not just about you having a good time, it is about your best friend and companion enjoying the trip and being safe, comfortable and happy.


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