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Affenpinscher - The Monkey Dog

Updated on January 16, 2009

About the Affenpinscher

Looking mostly like a toy dog, the hair of an Affenpinscher is shaggy on its head, neck, chest, stomach and legs. Most of its hair is only about 1 inch long, and is very harsh. On the other hand, the hairs on his head, eyebrows and beard frames his face emphasizing his monkey-like appearance. Its tail curves up when he is moving and stays put naturally when he has stopped in motion.

His unruly hairstyle gives him a rough, edgy look stressing that he is not a delicate toy dog,

Unlike other toy dogs, an Afferpinscher's head is proportionate to its body. The eyes are round and dark and have just the right size for the head. The eyes don't bulge or protrude and the eye rims are black. Where the ears are concerned is not that important as long as the monkey-like appearance is kept. His ears may be erect, semi-erect or dropped. In regards to his skull, it is round and domed. The lips are prominent especially in the lower part and have the same color as the nose which is black. The neck is usually short and straight. The chest is fairly wide and profound. Shoulders are moderately laid back. The front legs are straight even when viewed in any direction. Its feet are small and round with black pads and black nails.

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Affenpincher's are usually seen with black hair but they also come in different basic colors such as gray, silver or black and tan. For this breed of dog, a small white patch in its coat in acceptable, but large patches is seen as unattractive.


The Afferpinscher typically grows to be only about 10 inches tall.


The Affenpinscher weighs between 8 to 10 pounds.


An Afferpinscher dog breed is well built and has medium bone structure.


Minimal amount of exercise can pass for the Affenpinscher's daily routine. He enjoys playing with his owners and loves to be walked.


With a proper coat, Affenpinscher's need little attention and no trimming. However, if you must comb your dog, brushes specially designed for dogs with wiry hair are needed to groom an Affenpinscher. You will also need to make sure the ears are clean, pulling out any hairs that grow down inside the ears to keep it free from infection. Always check and brush his teeth brushed and don't forget to trim the nails at least once a week.

This breed looks very much the same after shaking off excess water from his bath. Combing regularly will keep the coat in good condition. No need to brush him a hundred times, this dog needs to maintain his shaggy appearance.


Affenpinscher's are not categorized as delicate like the other toy dogs but they do need a safe place to play. If loved and well-taken cared of, this breed can live up to fifteen years. As all dogs, they have ailments that attack their breed. Most common is a collapsed trachea, which can be avoided by walking your Affenpinscher with a harness and not a collar.

Living Conditions

Affenpinscher's make great pets for those who live in condos or apartments as they require minimal amount of space and exercise. Though they have many traits that allure people and owners alike; intelligence, affection and loyalty, it may not be a good choice to keep them as pets if you have small children. Affenpinscher's used to be breeded as rodent hunters back in the days and may have the tendency to harm small objects or creatures. Overall, it is a moderately quiet toy dog to have around the house.


Believed to be one of the oldest among the toy breeds, the Affenpinscher‘s origin is assumed to be of German descent. Most commonly referred to as the "Monkey Dog" because of its monkey-like appearance and wire-like hair. Affen means ape and pinscher means dog. In history, it is commonly known as "ratters" or vermin hunters, which specifically means removing rodents from kitchens and stables.


Affenpinscher's are very adventurous, curious and stubborn, yet they are also very playful and loyal. Considered an alarm dog, Afferpinscher's are extremely alert and vigilant. He quickly bonds with his family and is known to be very affectionate. As an alarm dog, he may not take kindly to unknown visitors, although proper introduction can turn him back into your lovable pet. A generally quiet breed; he can suddenly turn into a very excited dog when in danger or threatened, he may be small but this dog is certainly not scared of confrontation.


This dog is in constant need of training. Although he is restless to please his owner there are times when he gets bored easily. Good thing about him is that he learns commands quickly. His training sessions should be quick and assorted because he tends to lose interest hastily. Always eager to learn new tasks, an Affenpinscher is proved to be intelligent and inquisitive. Despite this, he still needs constant and unyielding training as they are sometimes complicated to housebreak.

Affenpinscher puppies


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    • profile image

      Brooke Mucha 9 years ago

      Hey I am back. If I could ever get my mom to let me get a dog I would get one.

    • profile image

      Brooke Mucha 9 years ago

      I love Affenpischers!!! They are so cute.Today I saw one at the mall and I have to have it!!! I called it Grelmin because he looked like one. They are my new favorite dog!!!!!

    • profile image

      Chris Miller 9 years ago

      Nice hub,he's too cute.give him a hug for me.